The Best Coffee Percolator Your Kitchen Needs in 2019

Best Coffee Percolator

How passionate are you about coffee? Are you always trying out new restaurants and cafes, in search of that one, perfect brew? What if you don’t have to look for it elsewhere? The best coffee percolator on today’s market could be the way you create and enjoy cups of best brews right in your kitchen.

Of course, the market for coffee makers is extensive. You can find elaborate machines that even have coffee grinders embedded in the design and will produce creamy frothed milk to top off your cup.

But there’s a reason the percolator industry has never faltered. Despite percolators requiring a little more effort and not all steps being automated, coffee aficionados love this about their percolated brews: Flavor.

Percolators’ unique methods of pushing water through coffee grounds result in brews rich with flavor, often even more so than other coffee machines. Therefore if one of your family members or a friend loves their coffee, this could be the coffee maker you need to get them this Christmas.

Now let’s help you find the perfect gift with detailed information as well as reviews so you can pick the ideal one.

The 5 Best Coffee Percolators:

1. Hamilton Beach 40616 Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

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We love that this one has the look of old-time coffee makers, but it performs the modern, dynamic way. One example is the ‘Keep Warm’ function, so you get hot coffee each time you pour.

The designers also kept user convenience in mind as the cord is detachable and the spout has a unique design to limit dripping. That makes it effortless to serve your guests great coffee. You also won’t burn as the lid has a knob and the handle won’t heat up either.

This is one of the bigger units on our list, therefore ideal for large families or the office. However, because it will keep a brew hot for long, you can use this throughout the day, even for only yourself.

At 6lb it’s not the lightest unit, but still manageable.

Best of all: It works quickly, so you never have to wait too long for your next brew.


2. Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

Presto 02811 12-Cup

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Here’s another retro looking coffee maker, so the looks and the smell will make you smile every morning. The stainless steel not only complements a kitchen but will last you a long time. Even the interior components are made of this durable substance with the only concern being the aluminum nut at the bottom. This may corrode over time.

It’s very user-friendly as there’s a light indicator to tell you when your brew is ready and the pot will keep it warm automatically. Although it’s quite a large unit, it effectively brews smaller amounts (such as two cups at a time) effectively. Great flavor each time.

Although large it’s a surprisingly light unit, making it safer to carry around than some others.

This one will brew you a cup a minute. Although not super fast, that’s what you can usually expect from percolators.

It does require some effort to clean as you have to get into the spout and filter basket, but luckily ordinary objects such as pipe cleaners will suffice.


3. Farberware 50124 Yosemite 8-Cup Coffee Percolator

Farberware 50124

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Here you see a smaller type, but just as effective as some of its larger counterparts. Also, note that the brand manufactures a larger version too. From this model, you’ll get eight cups of coffee, which can work for home life or office. Just note that the minimum number of cups is four.

Important: This is a stove top percolator, not an electric one as the ones above. The benefit is your Yosemite percolator can go with on camping trips or make coffee outside on the fire. It even works on certain induction stove tops. It’s reasonably light, so easily portable.

This model incorporates quality design features such as a tight-fitting lid, and the handle won’t heat up. The exterior is made of stainless steel that will present well for years to come.


4. Medelco 8 Cup Coffee Percolator

Coffee Maker Pot Medelco 8 Cup

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Here we have a glass percolator, so of course, you must be more careful – it can shatter. However, it’s made of lab quality Borosilicate glass, so it’s definitely not a flimsy appliance. Besides, it does have thermal-shock resistant properties so you can use it with peace of mind.

For those coffee lovers who love to see their brew appear, you’ll love the transparent model. Just note that there are some plastic components which not all consumers prefer.

What we do love about this one is that you can pop it in the dishwasher which makes for easy cleanup.

The handle won’t heat up, so it’s easy to carry this anywhere. It’s also safe to put it in the fridge so you can enjoy the rest of your brew later, or create your version of iced coffee.


5. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Coffee Percolator

Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup

Any purchase from above the link, We will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

The designers of this percolator didn’t only think about the user’s safety, but the kitchen as well. The bottom of the Cuisinart model will stay cool even if your coffee is hot so that you can place this on any counter—it won’t get heat damaged.

The rest of the unit is as impressive thanks to a sleek design and once again a classic theme. Another classic feature is the knob which will help you see when your brew is ready. The liquid pulses into this component, also making telltale sounds. That makes this model a treat for all the senses.

One of our favorite features is the knuckle guard which makes for easy pouring without getting burnt.


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Percolator: The Buying Guide

To get as much enjoyment as possible from a coffee maker, you need to consider each and every aspect. Here are the top 6 features to put on your priority list.

Type—Stove Top or Electric?

Traditionally a percolator is placed on a heat source such as a stove or even a fire. That means you can enjoy quality percolated coffee even if you’re going camping. If you or your friend would like to enjoy quality brews anywhere, a stovetop unit is therefore ideal.

An electric unit is much more limiting as you need a power outlet. That means if you’re spending time with friends outside, you’ll have to go inside just to make coffee. Instead, opt for a stove top unit so you can simply place it on the fire where it will be kept warm for whenever someone needs a cup.

Of course, if you only make coffee in the kitchen or in the office, you’ll always be near a power outlet, making an electric unit a practical type to invest in.

Capacity—How Much Do You Need?

Also, consider who you will be making coffee for. The best coffee percolators come in all sizes so you can cater for your family alone or even 12 cups at a time when friends come over. That’s a practical size to use in an office environment too.

Maintenance—Is it Difficult to Clean?

The one drawback of percolators is the maintenance. Unlike other machines that are usually praised for next to no clean up necessary, percolators need some time and effort in this department. You have to manually remove and clean up the grind after each batch of coffee.

Size—How Much Counterspace Will You Sacrifice?

Here’s where the percolators beat other coffee makers. Because they operate so simply the percolators are usually compact, not taking up much counter space. If you do need to store yours in a cupboard because you don’t have any open counter space, it’s easy to take out these compact coffee makers.

Price Range—What Should You Budget?

Apart from different looks and types, you’ll find percolators in different price categories. Determine your available budget and then start shopping so buying for yourself or friends won’t put your finances under pressure. For as little as $25 you can have a quality unit, although high-end units can cost up to $60.

Where to Find the Best Coffee Percolator

Ready to transform your coffee breaks with a percolator? Luckily you live in the 21st century: You can order yours online from eCommerce stores and have them delivered.

Alternatively, go to a store and browse the coffee maker aisle. Especially if you want to purchase a gift for someone you can look at different colors to find the perfect hue.

Bottom Line

How do you pick from this impressive list?

For us, it’s all about versatility. The Hamilton Beach model which caters whether you need 2 cups or 12 is a winner. But if stove top options are your ideal buy, you can’t go wrong with Farberware: it’s durable and portable which makes it suitable for home and camping.

Which one will brew your morning coffee from now on?

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