Best Espresso Beans – Top 10 List of 2021 [ Updated ]

Best Espresso Beans

You’ve stumbled upon this list because you’re an aspiring coffee connoisseur and you’ve discovered the wonderful taste of espresso. There is nothing like the aroma of freshly made espresso and it’s the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who needs a boost in the mornings.

But which one is better value for money and can you taste the difference? But when your pallet hasn’t adjusted to different flavors of coffee beans it’s difficult to tell what the best espresso beans on the market are.

To make it easier for you to select the right kind of product, we’ve collected a hefty amount of information about the espresso beans you’ll probably end up loving. Whether you’re an amateur coffee lover or a coffee shop owner, these espresso beans are sure to give you a kick.

What are the Best Beans for Making Espresso?

If you’re looking for quality beans we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 best espresso beans on the market at the moment. These products are inexpensive but still provide you with the best quality in taste and aroma.

1. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

Why We Like It

Over 120 years of Italian craftsmanship, Lavazza has been creating some of the world’s finest espresso flavors. Now you’re able to enjoy the rich taste of Lavazza Super Crema Espresso. With the flavor profiles of honey, almonds and dried fruit you can enjoy the rich taste in every serving.

The mix of Arabica blends from Brazil provides you with a unique taste and aromatic espresso combinations. It’s a rich and creamy beverage with full body flavoring&will produce a quality Crema.

2.Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso

Why We Like It

Kicking Horse Espresso beans give you a rich full flavor with every cup you make. This medium roast blend features bean varieties form parts of South America, Indonesia and Africa. The distinct aroma will fill your senses with hints of black currant, brown sugar and chocolate.

The Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger espresso beans have notes of wild berry syrup and smooth cocoa. These espresso beans produce a rich Crema and won’t give you a bitter aftertaste. Find out more in our kicking horse coffee review.

3. KoffeeKult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Why We Like It

Taste the rich flavors straight out of Guatemala, Colombia, and Sumatra with the dark roast of KoffeeKult coffee beans. With the flavor profiles of cinnamon and cocoa, you get a smooth finish & a heavy body espresso.

The KoffeeKult only uses the finest quality Arabica beans that will give you a dark and aromatic beverage with a rich Crema. The beans have no oil basting and they’re roasted to perfection which gives you a well balanced acidity.

Use these beans to make a single shot of intense espresso or dilute it with cream and milk & add a touch of sugar for sweetness.

4. Café Don Pablo Classic Italian Espresso

Why We Like It

Create shots of espresso or brew it in a pot. Whatever your preference Café Don Pablo Classic Italianbeans are sure to give you the flavor and aroma you desire. Because of its medium to dark roast, you’re able to create a variety of different coffees such as Americanos and lattes.

These espresso beans have dark chocolate undertones that give you a complex and smooth aftertaste with low levels of acidity.

Café Don Pablo beans are roasted slowly and in small batches & they’re freshly packaged for quality assurance.You can use these beans in a French press, a traditional drip machine or an espresso machine.

5. Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso

Why We Like It

Get the flavors and taste of Europe with Coffee Bean Direct Italian roast espresso. Farmed from many parts of the world you’ll be able to experience the rich taste of cocoa and molasses with low levels of acidity. Fill your lungs with the pleasant aroma of honey with this dark roasted blend.

Coffee Bean Direct processesits coffee beans to perfection which gives you full body espressos with a rich Crema. Feel like you’re in a real Italian restaurant with Coffee Bean Direct’s unique flavorprofiles and fresh aromas.

6.Stumptown Coffee Roasters Whole Bean Coffee

Why We Like It

StumptownHairbender Coffee beans are sourced from around the world and roasted meticulously to give you a high quality product. The Hairbender beans are sweet and balanced with low levels of acidity giving you rich creamy flavors& a sugary aroma.

You’re able to make milky coffees such as lattes as they’ve got mild undertones with no bitter aftertaste. Overall if you’re looking for an espresso shot with high levels of caffeine this product will give you the kick you need.

7. Verena Street 2Pound Espresso Beans

Why We Like It

Verena Street espresso beans have a unique combination of flavors. Relish the smooth taste of freshly roasted beans that gives you a sweet and creamy complex flavor profile. The dark roast gives you full body espresso with a rich Crema.

These beans are roasted with precision to give you the best taste and aroma. It’s well balanced with no bitter aftertaste and low levels of acidity. Verena freshly roasts and packages its beans for quality assurance so you’re able to fully enjoy your espresso shots without any loss of the beans’ original flavor.

Why We Like It

The 100% organic dark roast blend gives you hints of dark chocolate undertones with no bitter or acidic aftertaste. You’re able to enjoy the full creamy richness of flavor and aroma with every serving.

There are no added preservatives or flavorings which means you’ll experience a natural taste. It’s smooth in texture and provides you with full body & rich Crema. Create a variety of milk-based coffees such as lattes and Americanos or simply give yourself the kick you need with a straight shot.

9. Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast

Why We Like It

Do you want to have the same flavors as your favorite coffee franchise? Now you can with the Starbucks Espresso dark roast. Create the same fresh aromas that Starbucks provides in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The Starbucks Espresso dark roast has a sweet caramel taste suitable for milk based coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and flat whites. It’s an intense dark roast blend that provides a full body espresso and a bold taste.

10. Cubico Specialty Coffee Gourmet

Why We Like It

Experience decadent flavors from Africa, Latin America and Oceania as Cubico has been sourcing quality beans from around the world since 1887. Cubico produces the finest quality beans that give you flavor profiles of caramel, hazelnut and chocolate.

The beans have a medium rich flavor that provides a fresh nutty aroma. It’s a full-bodied dark roast that has a sweet and acidic balance which gives you a pleasant aftertaste.

You’re able to use the beans in an espresso machine to create milk-based coffees such as cappuccinos and flat whites or simply make a quick cup of quality coffee in a French press. These beans are freshly roasted and packaged for quality assurance.

How to Select the Best Espresso Beans - The Buying Guide

To select the right espresso beans, think about the flavors of different coffees you like. If you prefer subtle tastes you may pick a lighter roast. But if you prefer bitter flavors you’ll select a darker roast. Here are a few tips you should consider before purchasing a bag of beans.

The Color of the Beans

The beans you purchase should have some color to them and they shouldn’t be too dark. Over roasting is something people do to mask low-grade beans. If the beans are too dark in color it means they’ve been over roasted and you’ll get a bitter taste from them.

Lighter color beans give you a sweeter more subtle taste which is suitable to make any kind of coffee like lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos. Darker roasted beans, if done right can give you a more intense flavor.

Make sure the beans aren’t burnt. Perhaps do a quality assurance test before you buy the beans.


Espresso beans should have a pleasant aroma and should not be acrid. You’ll notice that darker roasts tend to have more of a stronger burnt wood smell, whereas the more subtle the roast the sweeter the aroma.

Expiration Dates

Always check the expiry date on the bag before purchasing your beans. The beans shouldn’t be more than 90 days old. It’s also not advisable to purchase beans from an open bin as air can degrade the quality of the beans and result in unpleasant flavors.

Most products are sealed in a bag that’s lined with foil to keep the beans fresh. Air, light and moisture can degrade the quality of the beans so it’s important to always select a bag that’s sealed properly.

How Are You Going to Use the Beans?

Consider how you’re going to use your espresso beans. If you’re going to use them in lattes, cappuccinos or drinks that are heavily diluted with milk or cream, you don’t need expensive espresso beans.

On the other hand, if you’re going to drink your espresso straight you may want to opt for something pricier. But a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. Read the packaging when you buy your beans to ensure you’re purchasing a high quality product.

You want the best flavors and aromas money can buy so make sure the beans you’re buying fit your preference of taste.

Espresso Beans vs. Ordinary Coffee Beans

The Roasting Process

Both regular and espresso beans are ultimately the same thing which is coffee. The difference between the two is the method of preparation. Beans for both regular coffee and espresso come from one source: green beans that are picked off a tree.

You can’t use the beans without roasting them; therefore,the main difference between regular and espresso beans is how you roast them.

The beans are subjected to high temperatures and the amount of time they’re roasted determine the different flavor profiles. Lighter roasts tend to give you a more distinct flavor, whereas medium roasts give a more balanced acidity. The darker roasts are bitter and less acidic in flavor.

Regular Coffee

Espresso Beans

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some coffee beans specifically marked as “espresso beans”?

It all depends on the type of beans and how they’re roasted. Most instant coffees are made from Robusta beans or chicory. Normal coffee can be dissolved in hot water and it will usually have a granular consistency.

You can’t use this type of coffee in a French press or an espresso machine, as it doesn’t require extremely hot water to make a cup of instant coffee.

Espresso beans, on the other hand, are a blend of beans from different coffee bean species but the most common will be Arabica beans. To make espresso beans, the roasting process is different resulting in either light, medium or dark variants.

The espresso bean can come in two forms: ground down to a fine sand-like texture or whole beans that are freshly roasted that you can grind down yourself.  Espresso beans are usually used in a French press or an espresso machine.

These beans don’t dissolve in hot water but the flavor is extracted by forcing hot water through a filter that holds the ground beans. Or you can soak the ground beans in a French press to draw the flavor out to make yourself a standard cup of Joe.

What is the best way to store roasted espresso beans so that they stay fresh?

Espresso manufacturers usually package beans in a sealed tight bag lined with foil. This is to keep the beans fresher for longer. Note that beans are considered old after 90 days and will not give you the same quality flavor after the expiration date.

Your biggest concerns when storing your own beans are moisture, light and heat. To keep your espresso beans fresh, store them in an airtight container at room temperature. The beans shouldn’t be placed in a see-through container as light can compromise the quality.

The best place to store your container full of beans is in a cool, dry and dark area such a pantry. You don’t want to place them anywhere near the stove as this area can become too hot when you’re preparing food. And heat will quickly alter the quality of the beans. Never leave it out on the counter as sunlight can also warm them up or the sun’s rays will affect them.

Exposure to air is also bad for your beans. Makes sure the storage canister is tightly sealed with no cracks or areas where air can enter.

It’s also advisable to roast small batches of coffee beans at a time as they begin to lose their freshness as soon as they’re roasted. If you have a large bag of fresh beans, roasting a small amount—enough to last you a week or two—will help you preserve your large batch.

Can you make espresso with regular coffee beans?

Any type of bean can be used to make a shot of espresso. It simply all depends on your preference of taste as some people believe that espresso is determined by the roast of the beans or the blend. In actuality, a shot of espressos can come from different roasts and blends.

If you prefer a bitter intense flavor then you’ll prefer a darker roast. But you can also make espresso from light to medium roasts as well which provide you with a less intense flavor. The light and medium roasts are sweeter & less acidic which some coffee lovers prefer.

To make an espresso, roast coffee beans to your preference, grind them as finely as possible and then use the powder in an espresso machine to extract the flavor& create a shot. You can either drink the shot straight or dilute it with milk or cream.

Does espresso beans have more caffeine?

A common misconception is that a shot of espresso is high in caffeine but there’s actually a higher caffeine count in a normal drip cup of coffee.

A 2oz shot of espresso contains about 80mg of caffeine whereas a 12oz brewed cup of coffee has about 120mg of caffeine. Although the 12oz cup of coffee does contain a higher volume of liquid.

They do say that the lighter the roast the heavier the caffeine content will be. But this may be another misconception as it all depends on the temperature of the water, saturation and the preparation time that extracts the amount of caffeine from beans.

Is espresso good for weight loss?

Espresso is known to increase one’s body temperature which can lead to burning a small number of calories. Studies show that you can burn up to 80 to 150 calories per day as coffee increases thermogenesis.

Caffeine is also known to suppress hunger which can help you consume fewer calories a day without feeling hungry al the time. For optimum health thought, coffee shouldn’t be consumed to suppress your hunger in an unhealthy way. You should include healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables in your diet that provide you with the right kind of calories.

A high caffeinated beverage can also increase your energy levels. High energy levels and a decrease in calories can often be the best combination for a weight loss plan. Caffeine can improve your exercise performance which means you’ll be able to take part in more intense cardio workouts.

What’s more, there are only three calories per ounce in a shot of espresso if taken with no milk or sugar. If you’re on a strict diet you can have your favorite drink while staying well within your daily preferred calorie intake.


As mentioned above there are many benefits a daily dose of caffeine can give you such as increased levels of energy. Brewing a pot of coffee or taking a shot of espresso in the mornings can help you be more motivated during the course of the day.

But you want that drink to be epic, right? It’s all in the quality of the product you purchase and now that you have all the details on the best espresso beans on the market, you can go out & buy your own bag of beans.

Treat yourself with a bag of high-quality espresso beans, roast them to your preference and serve your very own blend to family & friends.

The aroma will turn your kitchen into a homemade coffee shop.

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