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Best French Press Coffee Maker

Having options is a privilege, but it can also be confusing. If you’re in search of the best way to make home brewed coffee your options are endless: So many coffee machine options. We suggest you try on of the best French Press coffee maker models we list below. They require a unique brewing method, and it helps you create impressive brews.

Now, we’ll help you become a pro in no time and then you’ll wish you tried this sooner.

The 5 Best French Press Coffee Makers

1. Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

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This is quite a large French press so you can make flavorful brews for the entire family or office with this 12 cup jug. Some users are often cautious to trust glass appliances, but with a French Press, it’s preferable for many consumers if they can see the process in action. This carafe is made of strong Borosilicate glass, so it won’t easily shatter. It’s even dishwasher safe.

A nifty feature is that you can turn the lid in order to close the spout. That keeps all the flavor and heat inside during the brewing stage or while you drink your first cup.

Thanks to a quality mesh filter (not paper) no grounds get into your brew.


2. KONA French Press Coffee Maker

KONA French Press Coffee Maker

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This glass French press has a little more protection thanks to the unique design of the plastic handle. It envelopes the glass carafe, so there’s a smaller surface exposed and therefore less chance of the glass accidentally being damaged. The brand even suggests you take this camping so that you can get good coffee anywhere.

All components are dishwasher safe, so it’s a user-friendly coffee maker. The brand continues its quality manufacturing with giving you BPA free plastic lids and handles.

The design is smart as it doesn’t allow grinds past the filter.


3. French Press Double-Wall Stainless Steel

French Press Double-Wall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

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Not all French Presses are made of glass, so if you want to enjoy extra durability, the Sterling Pro version is for you. The added benefit is that the double-walled design will keep your brew hot for longer, while the outer wall stays cool—it makes it so much easier to handle during pouring than some others on this list.

Stainless steel will, of course, serve you well for years to come and the designers didn’t forget aesthetics. Although there’s very little detail, this is actually a benefit: This unit will suit any kitchen’s décor and style.

It’s designed as a French Press, but you can also use this container for other drinks (hot or cold). For coffee making, you’ll appreciate the double screen system in the plunger which prevents grounds from getting into your brew.


4. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

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This isn’t your usual French press, but it uses the same method. Here’s why it’s becoming more and more popular: This one is for the road.

The Aeropress is a plastic tool which you can easily pop into your luggage or briefcase and take it with you everywhere you go. That means French press style (quality) coffee even if you’re on the road.

Depending on your preferences, you’ll either love or hate this design though. It’s made to brew coffee quickly which can counter the bitterness in some brews. However, if bitterness is what you like in your coffee, this will probably not work for you.

It is more likely to keep grind out of your cup though, thanks to the types of filters used. However, this can also rob you of some oils that often carry the great flavor.

The Aeropress works in a unique way that can take some time to get used to. For some, it’s easier to use a regular French press. However, this one is much easier to clean afterward. It’s also super quick as the high pressure helps extract flavor faster.


5. Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Any purchase from above the link, We will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

Another double walled masterpiece is this one from Frieling. Your brew can stay hot four times longer compared to glass French presses.

This one’s design is reminiscent of classic designs, which can add some character to your kitchen. At the same time, its minimalistic approach means you can use this with any other appliances or crockery, and it won’t look out of place.

It’s made of brushed 18/10 stainless steel so you’ll be buying a quality product if you pick this one. Thanks to using both a pre-filter and mesh your brew won’t contain much grind.

Just note that this is a high end, expensive investment.


How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker

Making coffee is actually a scientific procedure. If you’re particular about what your coffee must taste like, take notes of what you do. Then you can tailor these steps according to your preferences and then recreate your masterpiece over and over.

Step 1: Temperature

The temperature of the water will determine which flavors (and how much) are drawn from the grind. Ideally, you should boil water and ensure it’s around 200°F (not boiling).

If you pour this into a cold French press the water will immediately cool down, so firstly rinse out the jar with hot water.

Step 2: Grinds

French press coffee requires a coarse grind. You can purchase ground coffee or use your own grinder and favorite beans.

Step 3: Add Your Ingredients (Slowly at First)

You know how strong you like your coffee and this is the benefit of a French Press: You determine the outcome. Start by adding the grinds and a small amount of water. Wait for 30 seconds so the mixture can bloom; This affects the final flavor.

Now pour the rest of the water in the jar.

Step 4: Waiting Period

Place the lid and plunger on top, to ensure flavor doesn’t escape and your water doesn’t lose heat. And now you wait. Give the liquid at least four minutes to brew.

Step 5: Push Down

Use the French Press plunger and gently push down. Don’t rush because the water will resist the movement and you don’t want the filters to get damaged. You also don’t want grinds to escape past the mesh or filter around the edges.

Step 6: Decant Immediately

If you taste your coffee now and it’s perfect, take our advice and decant it. If you leave it inside the press, it will keep on changing flavor as the grinds can still affect the water. This can end up making your coffee more bitter rather than flavorful.

French Press vs. Drip Coffee Maker

Not sure if this is for you? Here’s one reason coffee aficionados love this method: Because you don’t use paper filters like most drip coffee makers do, the brew gets all the flavor from the coffee grinds. You end up with an impressive brew.

Where to Buy Your French Press

High-end coffee shops and restaurants led to a boom in the coffee & coffee maker industry. Thanks to this development you can take your pick of coffee makers these days, and you’ll find them online as well as in brick and mortar shops: Department stores and specialty shops.

It’s advisable to take one in hand in a shop, so you know if it feels comfortable in your hands. However, online shopping is a safe option too since well-known brands know exactly what consumers need so you’ll receive quality even if you don’t try it out first.

How Much Should You Spend?

The other benefit of a booming market is that you get French press coffee makers in all price ranges. The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best for you, as size, materials, and aesthetics play a role in costing. You can pay anything between $20 to over $100, and we’ll showcase various options below.

Make a list of your preferences and shop accordingly. A simple, compact unit may serve you just as well as high-end types with flashy exteriors.

Bottom Line

For the best combination of features, we suggest you invest in the KONA French Press unit. You get the benefit of a glass carafe, so you can see your brew turn color, while the plastic design protects the jug. It looks stylish and works well.

If you don’t trust glass, the Sterling Pro model is your best bet. Of course, it’s beneficial if you don’t have to worry about burning your hand. As it still comes in at a reasonable price, it’s a winner in many categories.

Get yours and enjoy your new hobby—you’re going to love it.

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