Best K Cup Coffee – Tastes and Aromas of 2020

best k cup coffee

You don’t always need expensive technical machines to make a pleasant cup of coffee. There are other machines that produce the same flavors and aromas you enjoy, such as the Keurig. You can use the best K cup coffees in these machines and they’ll provide you with lovely flavors.

There are so many flavors on the market that you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of K cups you can pick from to use with these machines. That’s why we’ve decided to provide you with a top 10 list of the best K cup coffees. If you want to enjoy the same essence and aromas you get in your favorite coffee shops then look no further. These K cup coffee products are sure to bring you flavorful coffees you can enjoy.

Top 10 Best K Cup Coffee

1. Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll Coffee Keurig K-Cups

Why We Like It

Cinnamon and coffee go well together but sometimes there’s simply too much flavor& not enough coffee. Luckily for you, the Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K cup coffee is well balanced giving you an enjoyable taste and aroma. You’ll love how smooth and decadent this coffee is.

Turn your kitchen into a homemade coffee shop with the fresh aroma of Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K cup coffee.



2. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend

K Cup Coffee-2

Why We Like It

Green Mountains light roast coffee is rich in flavor with no bitter aftertaste or acidity. The Breakfast blend K cup coffee has pleasant nutty flavors and a smooth silky texture with every sip you take.

If you need a jolt in the mornings to get your energy levels up, Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast blend is the coffee you need. It’s suitable for those who prefer subtle tastes with a sweet finish.



3.Barista Prima Coffeehouse Decaf Italian Roast K Cups

K Cup Coffee-3

Why We Like It

Sometimes decaffeinated products don’t have a pleasant taste, but Barista Prima managed to create a decaf beverage with a lovely flavor and aroma. Decaf coffee is for those who are sensitive to caffeine but love the taste of coffee. Fortunately for you Barista Prima is a premium decaf coffee.

The Barista Prima Decaf Italian roast has notes of ripe fruit and berry undertones. The well balanced bold taste of dark roasted coffee gives you the traditional flavors of Italy, bringing Europe straight into your kitchen.
About the Product



4. Eight O’Clock Coffee The Original

K Cup Coffee-4

Why We Like It

Everyone wants a flavorful cup of joe to kick-start their day, and Eight O’Clock coffee gives you that bold decadent taste you crave in the morning. You can enjoy sweet fruity notes with a full body finish as this coffee has a well balanced flavor profile.

The Eight O’Clock Coffee K cups beans are meticulously roasted and packaged to provide you with a high-quality product.



5. Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend

K Cup Coffee-5

Why We Like It

If you love subtle flavor profiles and you’re sensitive to dark roasts then perhaps you may favor this Caribou Coffee blend. It’s a medium roast coffee with spicy woody notes with a slight fruity undertone and provides you with a smoky chocolate aroma.

The Caribou Coffee blend has a sweet syrupy finish with a well-balanced blend that gives you a rich body and Crema.



6. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

K Cup Coffee-6

Why We Like It

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s coffee provides you with a bold and rich blend that has no bitter finish. It has spicy notes with a smoky aroma bringing a warm homey feeling to anyone’s kitchen. The Major Dickason blend is smooth, rich and complex with a full-bodied finish.



7. Death Cups by Death Wish Coffee

K Cup Coffee-7

Why We Like It

If you’ve built up a tolerance for caffeine and you need something stronger than your average cup of joe, you may want to try Death Wish Coffee. As you can see the detail is all in the name; this coffee blend will definitely fix your morning fatigue.

As expected from a dark roast, you’ll experience bold flavors and deep rich aromas. Surprisingly you won’t get a bitter aftertaste as it’s packed with multi-layered notes. This coffee is not for the faint-hearted but it’s perfect for those who need a major jolt in the mornings.



8. The Original Donut Shop Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

K Cup Coffee-8

Why We Like It

The Original Donut K cup coffee has some chocolaty, nutty profiles with a rich creamy aroma. It compliments any baked dessert such as donuts, cakes and muffins.

It’s a well-balanced blend of light subtle profiles which is not bitter or too harsh on the pallet. Original Donut is not too strong or too weak so almost any coffee lover will enjoy this K cup brand.



9. Starbucks French Roast, K-Cup

K Cup Coffee-9

Why We Like It

Not everyone gets to go to Starbucks every day for their caffeine fixes. If you’re a Starbucks lover, you’ll probably love this product. Providing you with the same notes and fragrances of your favorite coffees, you’re able to enjoy Starbucks French Roast at home any time you like.

Starbucks French Roast provides you with bold, smoky undertones with no bitterness or an acidic finish. The beans are roasted to perfection and packaged well for quality assurance.



10. Folgers

K Cup Coffee-10

Why We Like It

Folger makes premium coffee blends providing you with flavorful and rich coffee aromas every time you brew a cup. The coffee beans are well roasted with no allergens such as peanuts or wheat.

The blend is not weak and doesn’t taste watered down. The beans are a medium roast so you’ll experience the best of both worlds with light, subtle flavors and darker more decadent notes.



How to Make K Cup Coffee Taste Better

Although K cup coffee is a quick and easy way to make a hot beverage in the mornings, sometimes it simply doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as other products do. Sometimes they’re too watery or the flavor isn’t strong enough. Luckily, if you’re looking for ways to improve the taste of K cup coffee we can help you. Take a look at these 5 tips to make your K cup taste better.

1. Add a Bit of Salt

If you notice that your K cup coffee is on the bitter side, adding a pinch of salt can balance out the beverage’s flavors. By doing this you affect the acidity in your coffee and it gives it a smoother taste.

2. Don’t Water the Coffee Down

Once the entire flavor has been pulled out of the K cup, the water pouring into your mug from the machine starts to run clear. This tends to water down the coffee and weaken the flavor. When this happens stop the process and take your cup out of the machine.

3. Keep Your Machine Clean

Sometimes not maintaining your coffee machine can produce unpleasant flavors in your drink. It’s important to always keep your machine clean as old coffee can produce mold and bacteria. You definitely don’t want bacteria in your morning cup of joe so clean your machine once a week.

4. Pick Darker Roasts

As mentioned before, some K cup machines tend to water down your coffee especially when you use light and medium roasts. Try darker roasts like the Death Wish K cups or even the Starbucks French roast as they’re bold and rich in flavor even if your machine waters down your coffee a bit.

5. Double It Up

If you’re still not getting the bold taste you crave, try using two pods for one serving. This will enhance the flavor and give you an extra kick. Use the lowest ounce setting on your machine so you don’t water your coffee down.

How to Make K Cup Coffee Without a Machine

You don’t have to buy a machine to enjoy K cup coffee. It’s quite easy to make K cup coffee without a machine and we’re going to show you how.

What You’ll Need


1. Open the K cup and pour the contents into the filter.
2. Scrunch up the top of the filter so that the coffee grounds don’t fall out and tie it with the piece of string. Leave a line of string as this will hang outside of the mug to make it easy for you to remove the filter later on.
3. Place the coffee filled filter into your mug and leave the string line to dangle over the side of the cup.
4. Pour hot water (the hotter the better) over the filter containing the coffee. You can swirl the bag around your mug as it steeps by holding and pulling on the string line.
5. Once you’re done remove the filter from your mug and add sugar & milk to the hot coffee.
6. Stir and enjoy your hot beverage.

K Cup Coffee vs. Ground Coffee Cost

Ground Coffee Prices

Traditional ground coffee usually comes in bulk or large jars. Ground coffee is inexpensive but it does depend on the brand you’re buying.

You don’t need to buy extra machines or devices to make a standard cup of coffee with regular grounds; all you need is a kettle and a spoon. You’re also less likely to use too much coffee as you can decide on the ratios you want for each cup serving.

The price of standard store-bought grounds will fall between $3 and $10. Each cup is about 12oz to 16 oz. If you use 20 grams of coffee per cup you’re looking at $0.15 to $0.45 for one cup of coffee. That’s a budget friendly option and if you purchase quality coffee you’ll still enjoy your brews.

The Cost of K Cup Coffee

The average amount of coffee in a K cup is about 1g and to get the best flavor it’s better to use a 6oz to 8oz mug. Any mug that’s bigger means the amount of water will weaken the flavor of the coffee. If you opt for a bigger mug you may need to use two pods per serving.

If you use two pods to make one cup of coffee you’re looking at $0.60 to $2.00 per serving. This also excludes the cost of the actual machine to make the coffee. The cheapest products are around $0.25 per K cup.

Verities of K cup coffee

K Cup Flavors

There are many different flavors you can select and there are too many to state. So we’ve selected a few of the flavors that are people’s top choices:

Types of Roasts

There are different types of roasts which give you a variety of strengths. Light roasts have subtle coffee tastes and are suited for those who prefer delicate blends. Medium to dark roasts are for people who prefer a bolder taste with a strong finish.

K Cup Sizes

The K cups come in a standard size that will fit all Keurig machines. One K cup can produce flavor for a standard 6oz mug and an 8oz mug. If you have a bigger mug you can use two K cups to produce a stronger flavor per serving.

K Cup vs. Pods

There is some confusion between pods and K cups as they are two completely different products. Although they’re both single-serving products, there are some features that set K cups and pods apart such as packaging & the machine you use to make the coffee.


K cups and pods may seem similar at first glance but if you take a closer look you’ll notice a distinct difference in packaging. K cups always come packaged in a small plastic cup with a sealed foil cap. A coffee pod comes in a sealed paper like sack almost the same as a tea bag.

Can you Use Pods in a Keurig Machine?

Unfortunately, you can’t use pods in a Keurig machine or in a similar type brewer. These machines have a section where a K cup is slotted into and it will be punctured so that hot water can run through it and into a mug.

Slotting a bag into this section will damage the machine and probably cause a big mess in the process. K cups are specifically designed to work in Keurig machines and that of similar designs & can’t be used in a machine that takes pods.

K Cup Coffee Pros and Cons

Although K cup coffee provides you with exceptional flavor with your morning cup of coffee, they may not be everyone’s first choice. There are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before investing in an expensive machine. The benefits really do far outweigh the cons but we’ve decided to explain both sides of the coin to help you make the ideal decision for your lifestyle.

Advantages of the K Cup Coffee

1. The first key advantage that comes to mind is the variety of flavors you get. You can enjoy cups of coffee with chocolate undertones or even fruity flavors like blueberry and lemon zinger.
2. They really are quite convenient as it produces a cup of coffee for you and all you have to do is slot a K cup into the machine & place a mug under the dripper. Everything else is done for you.
3. You don’t have to worry about perfecting ratios as each single serving cup gives you the right amount of coffee every time.

Disadvantages of K Cup Coffee

1. You can make K cup coffee without using a machine but that can be time-consuming. Machines can cost a pretty penny but it’s all worth it in the end.
2. Some K cup coffees lack flavor but to solve this problem select a darker roast.
3. Because of the packaging, it really does create unnecessary waste, but there are some K cup brands that are recyclable.

The Verdict

Although K cup coffee may seem a bit pricier than normal coffee grounds, they do provide you with many different flavors and a variety of blends. They’re also easy to find in many stores so you can get your coffee fix by ordering them on any leading online stores.

Having a Keurig machine is a more convenient way of making coffee, especially when you have no time in the mornings to wait for drip machines to work. Keurig produces a cup of coffee for you in a matter of minutes without hassle.

We think you’ll enjoy using K cups so why not order a bunch of flavors and try a different one each day? You’ll still get the morning kick you need with a caffeinated beverage but with amazing flavors like chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla.

It will feel like you’re having dessert every morning with all the delicious flavors and the bonus is you’ll have a major energy boost to get you going. Fill your kitchen up with sweet a decadent aroma that’s enough to make anyone’s day.

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