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best organic coffee brands

It would be really unfortunate if you couldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee because you’re sensitive to chemicals and preservatives. Luckily for you, you won’t have ever to experience that predicament thanks to the best organic coffee brands on the market.

You don’t have to worry about potentially getting an allergic reaction or other problems with your health as organic beans are grown using no pesticides or chemicals. What’s more is that you’re not only benefiting your own health but you’re helping the environment too.

As a result, you can be a coffee lover and support the manufacturers that grow their beans in the most natural way possible. Organically grown beans also give you the best-tasting coffee because there will be no chemical undertones in the flavor.

Want to try them out? Then without further ado let’s count down the top 10 best organic coffee brands on the market.

Best Organic Coffee Brands - Top 10

1. Cafe Don Pablo 2LB Gourmet Coffee

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

The best pick-me-up coffees are the ones that are well balanced. Subtle Earth has a decadent flavor that gives you a hint of sweet honey and caramel to balance out the intense medium to dark roast. Enjoy this natural blend with every breakfast meal in the mornings.

You can use Café Don Pablo to make different milk based coffees such as flat whites, lattes, Americano and cappuccinos. You can also make a cold brew by placing ice cubes in your beverage for those hot summer days.

Café Don Pablo grows its coffee beans in the most natural way, using no pesticides or chemicals. You’ll be able to indulge in Subtle Earth’s full flavor without the taste of unpleasant chemical undertones. 

2. Java Planet – Colombian USDA certified organic

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

The Java Planet Colombian is the another best organic coffee beans give you the smoothest finish with this medium roast. Bring Colombia straight into your kitchen with Java Planet’s rich and strong coffee aroma. This is the perfect blend to give you the energy you need in the mornings.

Enjoy the fresh taste of a well-balanced blend as Java Planet harvests its coffee beans from the cleanest soil to bring you the sweet flavors you deserve. Java Planet has gone the extra mile to certify their fair trade and guarantees you a GMO free product.

3. Kicking Horse Coffee, Smart Ass, Whole Bean

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

If you don’t like the taste of cheap mass-produced coffee brands Kicking Horse is here to save the day. Kicking Horse harvests the beans on the high mountain tops 3000ft above sea level to bring you some of the freshest coffee money can buy.

The medium roast gives you a well-balanced cup of joe with hints of sugar cane and the sweet decadence of honeyed berries. Fill the air with rich creamy aromas of sweet chocolate every morning.

You can French press this brand to enjoy with your breakfast or create your very own iced coffee blend with any dessert. Whatever your preference, Kicking Horse is sure to bring you the flavors you love for any occasion thanks to its large variety.

4. Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

Death wish produces USDA certified organic coffee beans. Some people live on the edge and they may need something a little stronger than your average cup of coffee to get them going. If you’re one of those people then you’re in for a treat as Death Wish coffee provides you with a whopping 60 mg of caffeine per ounce.

This coffee blend is a dark roast and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Its rich & intense flavors will give you the major jolt you need to get going in the mornings.

To top it off Death Wish coffee is known to produce the strongest brews on the market. So if you weren’t an insomniac before, drink with caution as you’ll probably be awake for a while after drinking this brand.

5. Cafe Altura Ground Organic Coffee

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

Café Altura produces many types of coffees such as decaf, instant, whole bean and ground espresso & all of them are labeled biodynamic. This means that the beans they harvest are sustainable and 100% eco-friendly.

This Café Altura type is a lightly roasted ground coffee providing you with creamy flavors of toffee and caramel. It’s suitable as a hot beverage in the mornings and afternoons or creates a cool beverage for those hot summer days.

Café Altura roasts beans to perfection and brings you a well-packaged product that ensures freshness & quality.

6. Camano Organic Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

Camano Island coffee produces the perfect blend of light and dark roasted beans to provide you with a well-balanced cup of joe. You’re able to enjoy sweet subtle notes topped with a blend of dark smoky flavors so you can experience the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for a coffee blend that compliments your dessert, Camano Island Coffee Roaster is for you. Brew a cup to drink with all your baked desserts such as cakes and muffins. You can also make your friends and family a coffee milkshake as it has all the flavor profiles most people enjoy.

These coffee beans are harvested from the cleanest soil in parts of New Guinea so you’re able to bring the freshness of island aromas into your kitchen.

7. JO Espresso Organic Arabica Espresso Coffee

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

There’s nothing like a shot of espresso to give you the kick you need when you’re feeling low on energy. But the taste is what matters the most, right? You don’t want a weak and watered down brew& that’s why Jo Espresso provides you with quality coffee.

This dark roast gives you intense earthy flavors while providing you with rich aromas. It’s a well-balanced blend that’s not too bitter and gives you a full-body finish. You’re able to enjoy the traditional taste of coffee as there are no added artificial flavorings.

Create hot brews to serve during breakfast time, or make iced coffee for friends and family on those hot days out in the sun. You can even make milk based coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos and flat whites with this brand or take a straight espresso shot for an extra kick.

8. Two Volcanoes Coffee

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

Enjoy the fresh taste of organic single origin coffee harvested straight from the clean soils of Guatemala. This well balanced dark roast has hints of fruit and wooden notes giving you well blended sweet & smoky flavors.

Two Volcanoes espresso meticulously roasts their beans for the highest quality coffee. The packaging provides longevity and freshness without added preservatives. You’re able to enjoy a cup of coffee without worrying about chemicals or allergens. Find more best espresso coffee beans here.

9. Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

Indulge in sweet notes of toffee and chocolate with Ethical Bean’s medium roast espresso coffee. This gourmet coffee blend is the beverage you need in the mornings without the harshness of bitter undertones of dark roasted beans.

You can use Ethical Coffee in espresso machines to make milk-based coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. Alternatively you can make an iced coffee brew to cool you down on hot, humid days out in the sun. Ethical Bean coffee provides you with a creamy body finish and a rich crema.

10. The Bean Coffee Company Organic

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Product Summary

Why We Like It

The Bean Coffee Company mocha java blend is packed with multi-layered flavors such as vanilla, caramel and Hazelnut. Fill the air with the fragrance of smoky chocolate every time you brew a cup of this decadent coffee.

It’s a well blended medium roast that’s balanced between sweet and dark notes giving you the experience of both worlds. You can use this coffee to make straight shots of espresso or make milk-based beverages such as lattes and flat whites.

The Bean Coffee Company grows its beans in a chemical and pesticide-free environment providing you with the highest quality product. You’re able to enjoy a fresh organic brew every morning.

What You Should Know before Choosing Organic Beans- The Buying Guide

Now that you’re clued up on the best products on the market, what should you look for before buying a bag of organic beans? You’ll need to make a 100% sure your beans are organically certified and to ensure freshness you should inspect the packaging.

Let’s take a look at some other features you should look for.

Organic Vs Regular Beans

There are several differences between organic and regular beans & if you’re a coffee connoisseur you’ll be able to taste the difference immediately. There are subtle hints in flavor and aroma that an amateur coffee lover may not be able to detect straight away.

If you’re new to the coffee culture of today, you may want to take a look at these differences to aid you in finding the best quality beans.

Organic Beans

Make sure there’s an organically certified stamp on the packaging of your coffee beans. That’s to guarantee the beans were grown in soil that is chemical free and no pesticides were used while growing the beans.

Because there are no synthetic products used to farm the beans they’re cleaner. The air, land and overall environment it grows in is more eco-friendly. These beans are grown using only organic fertilizers such as coffee pulp, chicken manure and compost.

Organic beans are grown in a natural way as the farms are usually situated in lush forests. These forests are home to wild plants and animals that sustain soil fertility which aids in keeping regional ecosystems alive. Honduras is the leading producers of organic coffee beans at the moment.

By growing coffee beans organically there will be fewer carbon emissions which are imperative to fighting climate change.

Non-Organic Coffee Beans

Coffee is one of the widely traded commodities in the world and in order to meet demands, well over 12 billion pounds of coffee are produced each year. To grow the beans quickly, they’re usually genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides to ward off insects and they’re grown in chemically induced conditions. It’s a lot harder to take care of large acres of crops and to make sure they’re not damaged by insects, they’re sprayed with chemicals.

Unfortunately, this exposes farmers to harmful chemicals which can be a health hazard. People living around these areas may also be affected by chemicals in the air and in the water.

Some forests are also cleared of trees, wildlife and other plants to make way for more farms as the demand for regular coffee beans grows. This occurrence may increase over the years which could damage the ecosystem as indigenous birds, lizards and small wildlife begin to dissipate. Insects that feed off coffee plants will populate which results in more chemical emissions as farmers try to protect their crops from insect infestations.

Because regular coffee beans are massed produced you can find them in any store. These brands are probably inexpensive. Why? Because they’re produced in the most cost-effective way. But this isn’t a good thing considering the above-mentioned methods of regular coffee harvesting.

Why Organic Coffee? – The Benefits

Organic farming methods are ideal for a number of reasons but most notably it’s beneficial for your health and the environment.

No Chemicals

Coffee has loads of health benefits so you shouldn’t feel bad if this is one of your vices. The unhealthy side of coffee is the way the beans are produced. Chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides can affect your health.

Organic beans are grown with no chemicals or GMOs which is healthier for all coffee lovers.

Health Benefits

Organic beans are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can boost your immune system and aid in guarding you against diseases.

Free from Synthetics

The beans are free from artificial flavorings which means your coffee will taste natural without bitter chemical aftertastes. They’re also extremely fresh as they’re preservative-free with no synthetic colorings or added sugars.

Helps with Weight Loss

Coffee is known to give you a boost in energy which is good for those who need a pick-me-up in the mornings or when they need the motivation to exercise. If taken moderately with no sugar or milk, coffee can also benefit you in weight loss, as it’s known to help burn small amounts of calories a day.

Environmental and Agricultural Benefits

There is no dependency on products coming from synthetic growing methods. Organic beans are grown in natural fertilizers such as mulch and compost. This is beneficial for taste as the beans absorb all the natural nutrients provided by this soil which greatly enhances flavor.

Growing organic coffee beans counters climate change as it leads to less carbon emissions. It’s also healthier for the farmers and the residents nearby as there will be no chemicals contaminating the air & water around them.

How to Find Genuine Organic Coffee Brands

Do you want to know how to find the best organic coffee brands? It’s not that difficult to find these products but to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of features to look for to make sure the brand is genuinely organic.

  1. Search on any search engines such as Google or any websites to find the leading brands on the market
  2. When you’ve found the product you like, do some research on the manufacturer and where the beans are harvested.
  3. Look for images of the packaging to see if there is a certified organic stamp on the front or back.
  4. You can also look at these images to see the nutritional information and what the beans contain. In this section, you’ll be able to see if there are any chemicals in the beans as it will state it on the packaging.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the information you’ve gathered you can buy your preferred brand from any online stores or retailers.
  6. When you receive your package, check to see if it’s the original product by ensuring the certified stamp is official and the brand name is authentic.
  7. Smell your beans before you brew a cup of coffee, as this will give you an indication of whether or not the beans have any chemicals on them
  8. If you can’t smell any chemicals, brew a cup of coffee to taste it. You’ll be able to detect chemicals in the flavor of the beans.
  9. If your coffee has no indication of any chemicals and you’ve verified that they’re organic, you can enjoy your beverage.

Where to Buy Organic Coffee

Coffee Shops

Some coffee shops stock up on different brands of coffees which they serve to customers. Find out from your local coffee shops if their brands are organic and if they sell them to customers. If they do you’ll be able to buy coffee from them regularly.

Online Stores

You can buy coffee from any leading online stores such as Amazon. Some organic coffee brands also sell their coffee online which you can order and get delivered but this often depends on where you stay. Some companies will ship products all around the world and others prefer to keep it local.

Pricing and Alternatives

The price of organic coffee beans is quite high, but that’s because of the process in which they’re grown and harvested. Unlike regular beans, a lot more work goes into farming organic beans and it takes a lot longer than mass-produced crops.

Because organic beans are a lot harder to grow and there isn’t a high enough demand for these products, this can lead to high prices. The farms used to grow organic beans are a lot smaller which means they produce smaller crops compared to traditionally, mass-produced stock.

Organic beans could also be a lot harder to find as not all stores sell genuine organic products. When you do find these products the prices are often a lot higher per pound. Some organic coffee manufacturers also pride themselves in fair trade which could also be the reason for the higher price.


Opting for best organic coffee beans or any other organic products saves the environment and protects the ecosystems around the world where these farms are situated. It’s not only healthier for the people and animals in these regions but also for your own benefit as well.

You’ll digest fewer chemicals and you’ll be supporting companies that take climate change seriously. By not supporting mass-produced brands you could do your part in the fight against climate change.

Not only will you be saving the planet but you’ll be helping those farmers provide for their families as fair trade is something that helps developing countries prosper.

To be part of all these positive activities, buying the best organic coffee beans is the way to go. Enjoying a quality hot beverage is simply an added bonus.

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