Best Single Serve Coffee Makers of 2020

best Single serve coffee makers

Single serve coffee makers- A tiptop and faster coffee brewer machine in the world to serve a cup of coffee at a time. It is also known as single cup coffee maker to the coffee lovers.

Many people around us using this in their household, corporate office and hotel rooms. Travelers also can choose it to brew a mug of coffee while they are traveling from one place to another place.

Without any special features like self-notifications and alert, there are several brands available price between 15 to 50 USD. For upgrade features (i.e. programmable brew settings, auto off, whistle and bells) you need to maximize your budget up to USD 150. Machines which price is between $150 to $250 is more enhanced with premium rich features and durability.

How I am prepared the below top 5 list to choose the right product for you.

Every product has some unique and best feature that makes it people choice, but due to lots of brands this day it’s difficult to find the best one.

Before writing this single serve coffee makers reviews, I have spent lots of time to find the best deal from hundreds of single cup coffee makers. I have searched on the internet, make a comparison list, communicate with friends and colleges (who were using the product) research all the reviews comments from all available resources.

Finally, I have get the below few best single serve coffee makers that have some unique and best quality features which makes the products people choice.


Keurig K575 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Programmable Brewer

Any purchase from above the link, We will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

Unique and some unbeatable features stood it in the number one position as per my seven days analysis.
If you need coffee makers with versatile usability including color touchscreen and programmable feature, then keep it in your cart list before considering any others.

Keuring k575 is a programmable single serve coffee makers comes with three different pods, k-cup pod, k- mug pod and the bigger k-carafe pod to brews a hot and great tested coffee instantly.

It has a large size removable water reservoir container that contains 80oz water. Once you fill or reserve water into the water container, you do not need to refill it until you prepare more than 10 cups of coffee.

Multiple brew size makes it more individual then others, as well as Strength Control, gives you the freedom to prepare your best cup of coffee. Auto On/Off, fast brewing time, color touchscreen, and multiple usabilities all the premium feature available in Keurig K575 single serve coffee machine.



Keurig K250 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Strength Control

Keurig K250 Coffee Maker

Any purchase from above the link, We will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

A slim and sleek single serve coffee makers from keurig. Keurig k250 is design for brews hot, rich and flavored coffee time after time. In addition you can brews ground coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate by using my k-cup pods.

If you proffered to brews multiple cups for your family members or friends (max 4 cups) at a time then probably Keurig k250 can solve your purpose. Because of Keurig k250 is compatible with three types of different pods those can serve multiple cups for your friends and family.

People who were like to enjoy daily 4+ cups of coffee, no need to refill water in reservoir frequently, because it has a big water reservoir that contains 40 oz water. Multiple color, black & white touchscreen and strength control setting gives a new dimension to brew your favorite coffee time after time.



Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

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When people are looking for a coffee maker that provides user-friendly experience and versatile usability with reasonable price, then Keurig k55 is the best recommendation to consider.

Multiple brew size 6,8 and 10 oz cup is compatible with this machine and has a removable 48 oz large water reservoir fixed at the right side.

It is not featuring with auto start programmable command for brew a cup of coffee, but by the auto-off function, the machine will be turn off if it is idle for two hours.

Drip tray holds 8 oz overflow coffee or water and easily can drain as it is removable. Removable drip tray also helps to use big size mug after remove it from its place.

It is compatible with “my k-cup pods” so people can brew their ground coffee by using a reusable filter. Keurig provides the flexibility to choose your favorite k-cup pods from more than 70 brands and over 400 varieties



Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

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Yes, it is Bunn My Café MCU another versatile single cup coffee makers. This machine comes with four separate removable drawers. A cup drawer for k-cup, a ground coffee drawer, a pod drawer, and a water drawer.

The machine has a nonremovable water reservoir which contains only 14b oz of water at a time. That means it needs to refill water in the reservoir before brewing a cup of coffee or tea. If the water level is lower then normal range a red indicator led will be blinking until you refill it at the working level.

Two brew setting available on my café MCU- one is regular and another is bold setting. Who needs bolder flavor then regular flavor can use the bolder setting by pressing the pulse button and then press the brew button. For a bolder coffee flavor, you may need to wait little bit longer than the regular flavor.



Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker, Fast Brewing, Stainless Steel (49981A)

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Do you like to brew a cup of coffee from your favorite ground coffee within under a minute?

Are you looking for a machine that can be used for coffee, tea and hot water making purpose?

If your answer is affirmative of the above both questions then probably Hamilton Beach (49981A) is the best match for you.

As a single serve coffee makers, it is brewing hotter, faster and delicious coffee for them who likes to brew their ground coffee. The machine has two brew size settings, one is 8 oz, and another is 14 oz.

It takes approx 90s for brew a cup and 2.3s for a 14 oz travel mug. The water reservoir can hold only 14 oz of water at a time and has two water levels 8 oz ( 250 ml) and 14 oz (410 ml). The scoop coffee makers can brew regular and bolder coffee for both types of coffee lovers.

By the adjustable L-shaped cup rest it is possible to adjust the cup as the close to the dispensing nozzle. Hamilton Beach (49981A) intended to be used in household, shops, offices, farmhouses, hotels, motels and others similar environments.


Is a single cup coffee machines best suit for you?

Probably you are here because you need a coffee brewer for single user serves at a time. Before I jump into the considerable essential factors that are required to keep in mind before any purchase your coffee makers let me ask you few questions first.

Are you need a single serve coffee makers which can serve only a cup of coffee at a time?

As you already know that a single cup coffee machine can brew only a cup of coffee or tea at a time. If it is the right choice for you which you are searching for, then you may go for it. Otherwise, you can choose others available from the market such as- automatic espresso machine or traditional drip coffee makers.

Do you not like to clean the machine frequently?

As a human being, we always have a tendency to skip work that requires physical activities.

In this case, if you are an owner of single cup coffee machine you do not have to be worried about it cleaning issues because most of the single serve machine not required to clean frequently.

Are you willing to pay 1.55$ for a single cup?

Yes, average 40$ or more money you have to expense for a pound of coffee and 1.55 $ for a cup. It is proven that single serve coffee makers cost you higher than others traditional drip coffee machines for a cup of coffee.

Let’s see an example

Most favorite Single Serve Capsules for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Death Wish Coffee current market price, is 30.98 USD for 20 capsules. If I convert the price, then it will be 1.55$ for each cup. So you have to pay 1.55$ for a single cup of coffee.

As per drip coffee makers automatic method, it will brew 72 cups of coffee from 1 pound coffee. Price of 1 pound death wish ground coffee is 19.99 USD. After converting it for each cup, the price is 27 cent.

So, does a single serve coffee makers is worth money? If you think only about a cup of coffee, then you may little worried about its price, but think about the technology that can brew a cup of coffee within few seconds and serve you a cup of hot and freshly brewed coffee.

Are you limited in your coffee taste?

Some of single serve coffee machine has limited flavor or types of coffee pod or capsule. On the other hand, if you have provision to grind your beans, then you may have multiple choice to choose different kinds of coffee beans.

But single cup machines have excellent usability for your household members if you like French Vanilla and your sister like Blueberry flavor both can be brew (one after another) in the same machine within a few minutes.

What factors to consider before buying the desired one- The Buying Guides

Does the machine has multiple usability functions?

Before buying any home appliance, it is better to choose the machine with multiple usability features. All single-serve coffee machine does not come with the provision to brew ground coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage.

A machine that built in with above features is definitely cut your daily cost and provides you the versatility user experience

Pods or capsule cost analysis

Every pods or capsules cost is not the same. Therefore it is recommended to check price that reasonable to you. Choose a machine without verifying its pods or capsules price can be higher than your budget

Brewing strength

Do you like strong coffee? Then probably It is better for you to choose a machine that has an adjustable brewing system which makes your coffee stronger from in both flavor and caffeine

Brewing Time

No bodies in the world are like to wait longer than usual. Pay attention to its brewing time at the moment of purchase your best single serve coffee makers.

Your Taste Vs. Machine Compatibility

Not everyone likes to sip a cup of coffee which taste is not favorable to them. If you have a particular choice of the coffee brand, then it is a good idea to choose the machine that has the same pods or capsule.


Programmable coffee makers introduced some automatic functions that help to brew a coffee whenever you need.

Every morning if you don’t like to waste times to make a coffee before leaving home then you can use a timer feature that will prepare your coffee at the same time you need.

Input Voltage

Do not choose a machine without confirming the input voltage. Only choose the machine according to your region supply voltage.

If the supply voltage is 110 VAC, then you must have to buy the machine compatible with 110 VAC.

Power Consumptions

All the single cup coffee makers do not manufacturer their machines considering low power consumption factors. Low watts means low power consumptions as well as reduce monthly electricity bill.


Not a single manufacturer provides you free after sells-service without a valid warranty card. At the time of purchase, your favorite coffee machine confirms the machine is under warranty.

Final words

As a reviewer, it is my duty to recommend you to choose a machine from the above list. And my recommend is Keurig k575 if you can afford the price because its price is higher than others machine. If your budget is not meet my recommendation then you may choose Keurig k55.

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