How to clean a coffee maker without vinegar: Top 10 Methods

How to clean a coffee maker without vinegar

This post is about how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar where we have discussed top-10 alternatives of vinegar to clean your coffee maker. 

If you want better taste/flavor and performance by your coffee brewer it’s important to clean the machine whether it is used for office or home use purposes.  Why I am telling you to clean it or why you are searching for cleaning tips or procedures? Because of we all already aware of the taste of your favorite coffee right? Nobody likes awful taste after preparing your own coffee.

 By cleaning your coffee machine on a regular basis we will get better flavor and aromas from our existing coffee machine as well as protect us from several dangerous virus-like corona or other life killing viruses.

Today I am sharing some handy tips and trick How to clean a coffee maker without vinegar. So please keep continuing to read all the 10 ideas of cleaning coffee makers without vinegar and take promote action to clean your machine as required.

How often should you clean your coffee maker?

If you don’t know the basis cleaning cycle period it’s not your fault. Every coffee machine has its own cleaning/maintenance instruction manual attached to the machine at the time of purchase. If you did not get it or lost it don’t worry just comment below which machine you are using we will help you to provide the manual from the manufacturer. Or alternatively, you can clean it as per the below-recommended suggestion:

Keurig MachineKeuring coffee maker manufacturers suggest cleaning their machines every 3 months of the interval by using their own descaling solution.

Breville Machine: Breville advice to descaling your machine every month of regular use. Replace the water filter at least every two-month of interval.

BUNN Machine: BUNN recommended clean system at least once every 3 months. BUNN coffee maker also suggests to descaling by white vinegar. You can watch this video to start your descaling process.

Ninja Machine: Ninja coffee bar has automatic indication light when the machine is required to clean or descaling. The RED light will be blinking when the machine senses calcium and other mineral deposits inside it. Simply follow the descaling process as shown in this video.

Cuisinart Machine: This brand has the same function as like ninja coffee maker. It has an auto alert when the
calcium buildup and necessary to descaling the unit. We already share the Cuisinart machine cleaning process in this post.

Hamilton Beach Machine:  Hamilton beach recommended to take descaling action after 30 days interval. If you looking for details descaling the process of hamilton beach coffee brewer you may look for details instructions on their web page

De ‘Longhi Machine: The manufacturer recommended approximately after 300 coffee or as soon as you feel the machine not performing well. This recommendation is for non-automatic machines only. De ‘Longhi also strongly recommended to use their own descaler at time of descaling.

Not listed your machine in the above list? No worry!  Comment below your machine model we will find the manuals for you. Please at the time of comment mention your details about the machine brand and model.

How to clean a coffee maker without vinegar - Top 10 Methods

Clean a Coffee Maker with Ice and Salt: Ice and salt are a common alternative cleaning ingredients to many housewives around the world. Sodium chloride as known Salt has the ability to eliminate calcium and other mineral deposits from inside the coffee brewer.

Clean a Coffee Maker with Baking Soda

Baking soda usually use for cleaning kitchen appliances to remove tough stains. It is a great kitchen cleaner. It is not only used for cleaning purposes some of north Asian county people use it to make their snacks. To use baking soda as a coffee maker cleaner make a paste by mixing water and apply it to the surface of your carafe to remove tough stains.

Clean a Coffee Maker with Lemon Juice

It is a very simple and easy cleaning method probably you already know. Lemon has citric acid which helps to remove hard mineral deposits from your coffee maker. To clean coffee maker hard mineral deposits first mix 1/2 cup lemon juice with 1/2 cup water. Pour it into the water reservoir and run the coffee maker once and wait for 20-30 min. For better performance, this process can be repeated 1 more time. After complete, the cycle pours the water reservoir with water and runs the machine 2-3 times to flash out the remains lemon juice with mixed mineral deposits.

Clean by Mild Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid or soap is widely used for cleaning purposes of household kitchen appliances. People generally use the dishwasher only for cleaning daily cooking pots but it can be used to clean your coffee maker too. Before clean your coffee machine please read the manufacturer guideline because of some coffee maker has restriction use of the dishwasher.

Cream of tartar

Cleaning a coffee maker by the cream of tartar is super easy and alternative to vinegar. You can find the cream of tartar may be nearby your local market. Do you know how the cream of tartar helps to remove stains from the coffee maker? Cream of tartar also knows as also known as potassium hydrogen tartrate which has potassium acid salt of tartaric acid that helps to remove tough stains from the coffee maker.

To clean your coffee maker by these ingredients simply fill the water reservoir with fresh water and pour 3-4 tablespoon of cream of tartar and wait until it fully dissolved. After that run the coffee maker and wait to fill the carafe. After the first cycle waits 20-30 min to properly mix the cream of tartar inside the mineral deposit and then again fill the water reservoir with fresh water and run again the machine. You can repeat this step 2-3 times more to fully washout the mixed tough stains materials and its smell.

Clean Coffee Maker with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide usually use to prevent skin infection and other medical or pharmaceutical purposes. These days it is also widely used for cleaning household appliances. You can also use it to clean your coffee machine by the following instruction:

 Fill the water reservoir with 1 cup Hydrogen peroxide and wait for fully mixed up. Now place your carafe and start the machine for a maximum brew. After finished the first cycle wait 30 min for start reaction to remove oily materials or mineral deposits from the machine. After that fill the water reservoir with fresh water and start the machine to flush out the contained inside Hydrogen peroxide included mineral deposits. Do the last step minimum 2-3 times to flash all contained Hydrogen peroxide inside the machine.

Denture tablets

Denture tablets specially made for cleaning purposes people around the world were using it for cleaning their daily household appliances. These tablets often found in the shopping market or online base portal. Let’s straight to the cleaning process: 

Fill the water reservoir with warm water and put 2 pcs tablet on it. Wait until the tablets fully mixed with the water. Run the maximum brew size and don’t forget to place your carafe on it place before start the brew. After finish the 1st cycle waits up to 30 min and fill the water reservoir with fresh water and again start the machine. Do the last step more 2-3 times to clean the inside mineral deposits properly.

Clean a Coffee Maker with CLR

 CLR( Calcium, Lemon, Rust Remover) is an effective vinegar alternative remedy for removing the build-up of calcium and rust from your coffee maker. If you did not get better results by applying the Lemon Juice method you may try this CLR for cleaning the machine. The basic process adds 1 cup CLR with 8 cup of water into the water reservoir. Place the carafe and run the machine and wait until the cycle complete. After complete, the cycle waits 30 min. After that refill the water reservoir with fresh water and run the maximum brew size to flush out all remains CLR from the machine.


 Alcohol or Vodka is another alternative of vinegar to clean your daily household appliance as well as the coffee maker.  But you need to maintain all safety precautions at the time of applying this method. Because alcohol /vodka is a combustible substance and can happen an accident if it close to fire or heat.

To clean the coffee maker by alcohol/vodka you need to mix 20:80 ratio. Fill the water reservoir with 20% alcohol/vodka and 80% freshwater. Before start, the brew place the carafe and run maximum brew size. Wait 1 30 minutes after finishing the cycle and refill the water reservoir with full water to flush out remains alcohol/vodka two or three times.

Clean coffee Maker with Muriatic Acid

Cleaning household appliances or coffee makers by any acid you need to be more careful. Before start applying this method, you must need to maintain all safety measures as required.  Use hand solves before start the cleaning process. We do not recommend using this method to descaling your coffee maker only use this for clean your coffee maker removable parts.

Add 1 part of muriatic acid with 5 parts of water in a bucket. At first add water to the bucket then add muriatic acid. Put all the removable parts into the mixer of the bucket and wait 20-30 minutes. After that pull all the parts and rinse well with fresh water.


So which method are you decided to apply as an alternative of vinegar? We have discussed all the available cleaning methods without vinegar you just need to decide which method you preferred. Before applying your chosen method don’t forget to read the manufacture recommendation. Also, take all the safety measures before clean you, coffee maker, without vinegar.

How to clean a coffee maker without vinegar is not a tough job you just need to follow the above-discussed alternatives. Comment below your favorite alternatives of vinegar. 


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