Keurig K525 vs K575 – Coffee Brewer Comparison Review

Keurig K525 vs K575

This article is about the Keurig coffee maker review. Today we will discuss two popular machines these are Keurig K525 vs K575. Hope you will find all the necessary information about these two Keurig models as well comment below your favorite one and the reason why it is your favorite?

Keurig is a brand that designs elegant single-serve coffee brewers for the busy adult. These machines produce rich and flavorful cups of joe quickly so you can enjoy a quality beverage before your day starts. There are various single-serve coffee brewer designs under the Keurig brand and each one has a unique feature.

Since each machine has distinctive designs and characteristics it may be difficult to pick the best coffee machine from the Keurig range. They’re all top-notch applications. So how do you pick the best one for you? Perhaps our comparison review will help you decide

Keurig K525 vs K575 – The Comparison

Looking at the Keurig K525 and the K575 you’d think that both machines are exactly the same because they have a similar structure, color and functionalities. But you’ll come to find that these coffee brewers have some important differences in specs.:

keurig k525
keurig k525
keurig k575

Keurig K525

Keurig K575

Comparison Chart between Keurig K525 vs K575

Keurig K525Keurig K575
Price Discontinued Check Price
Dimensions13.2” H x 10.5” W x 13.3” D 13.2” H x 10.5” W x 13.3” D
Weight11.9 lbs12 lbs
Material TypePlasticPlastic
ColourSilver, GrayPlatinum
Brew SizeUp to 30oz Up to 30oz
Water Reservoir 80 oz.80 oz.
Removable Drip TrayYesYes
Auto OFFYesYes
Temperature settingsYesYes
Display2.8 inches Color Touch Screen2.8 inches Color Touch Screen
Carafe SupportYesYes

Design and Appearance

Both coffee makers have the same design & appearance. As mentioned before, both machines have the same dimensions and they’re also made with stainless steel & hard plastic. Let’s take a look at what both of these designs have to offer in terms of appearance and design.

Display Screen

Keurig integrated large LCD screens on the K525 and K575. These screens are 2.8″ large with color displays that are easy to browse through. The displays are touch screens which are ideal because there aren’t any physical buttons on the front of the machine that may collect grime.

Removable Drip Tray

There are some features that are different and one of them is that the K525 coffee maker has a removable drip tray whereas the K575 doesn’t. Purchasing the K525 coffee maker may be a better option for coffee drinkers if they want the convenience of easy cleaning maintenance. Keep the removable drip tray feature in mind when you’re considering buying either one of these coffee brewers, because it makes a big difference in user friendliness.

Water Filter

The Keurig K525 coffee maker doesn’t come with an integrated water filter which may affect the taste of your coffee. A filter cleans the water that’s used to brew your coffee which is ideal if you have sensitive taste buds. So,you can use bottled water with the K525 or simply purchase the K575 which does have an integrated filter.

Power Cord

An exceptionally long power cord is important on coffee brewers, especially if you have power outlets in awkward placements in your house or apartment. The both coffee makers are manufactured with long power cords so you can easily plug in your applications no matter where your outlets are situated.

Brew Size

The brew size is another difference to consider when looking at the Keurig K525 and K575. Since the K575 is an upgrade it’s able to brew 11 sizes whereas the Keurig K525 coffee maker can only brew 10.

Both models has brew sizes including k-cup pod, k-mug pod and k-carafe pod. Select k-cup pod to brew a single cup, a k-mug pod to brew a travel mug and k-carafe pod to brew a 4 cup carafe.  It is also capable to brew your own ground coffee by using a my k-cup reusable filter.    


People’s Choice

People might find that the K575 coffee maker is a suitable choice because it has anintegrated water filter and larger brewing size. But the internal parts are the same as the K525 and they have the same aesthetics.

But if you’re looking for a budget Keurig machine the K525 may be a better option for you. Although, since it doesn’t come with a water filter you’ll have to purchase one. This is an extra cost ontop of the initial price of the machine.


Keurig makes an excellent range of coffee pod flavors. All the K-cups are packed full of rich decadence and surprisingly full crema. The advantage is you’re able to make your coffee as strong as you like because of both coffee makers has temperature & brew time settings.

If you don’t enjoy weak coffee brews, simply set your brewing time for longer and increase the temperature. The hot water will draw out all the flavor profiles from the coffee pods which will emit pleasant aromas in your home. But if you’re looking for various flavors from different brands, you can use other coffee pod brands instead of the K-cups

After-Sale Support

Keurig is an extremely popular brand because many people enjoy the company’s products. This means that you’re able to find any information about your Keurig product by simply going online: the coffee community posts a lot of feedback.

There are various unboxing videos on YouTube featuring the K525 and K575 models as well as extensive reviews about each product. But if you’ve already purchased one of these convenient brewers you’ll receive a manual that’s easy to understand.

Keurig manuals offer step by step instructions on the following:

  • How to set up your machine
  • Water reservoir and filter installation
  • How to sterilize your machine
  • Brewing set up
  • Clock adjustments
  • How to brew the perfect cup of coffee

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Keurig coffee brewer you can contact the company via email, post or telephone. Keurig’s customer support team is extremely friendly, helpful and well trained so they’ll be able to assist you accordingly. 

Value for Money: Which product would be worth your money?

Both theK525 and K575 Keurig coffee machines are built to last & they’re designed to brew you the most flavorful cups of single-serve coffees on the market. It’s clear that the K525 and K575 are quality products that offer you the best value for money.

However, to help you make a better decision on which product would be worth your money, let’s take a look at the prices on each of these brewers and exactly what you’re paying for.

Keurig K525– Unfortunately the Keurig K525 machine has been discontinued and replaced with the new K-Elite. Since Keurig K525 is easy to operate and you can use a carafe with the machine it’s still a popular application that many people love. It has a modern digital LCD display screen and you can set your brewing time, depending on the size of your coffee.

Since the machine has been discontinued there may be some retailers that sell additional stock of the product. Or you can buy it second hand for a cheaper price.

You wouldn’t expect a high-end coffee brewer such as the K525 to be at such a low price of $130 because of all of it’s unique and convenient features it offers you. But bare in mind that it doesn’t come with a water filter or a carafe so these are extra charges you have to consider.

The Keurig water filter cartridges cost $10.99 for six units. These units should be replaced every six to eight months. You can purchase a water filter kit that comes with the holder and cartridges for $31.74.

Keurig K575–The Keurig K575 coffee maker can still be found in many stores. Because of the popularity of the product, it hasn’t been discontinued and it comes with a water filter kit. However, it doesn’t come with a carafe so you’ll have to buy one separately.

The Keurig K575 costs about $149.99 with the water filters so you may find this model is better value for money than the K525. If you want to purchase a Keurig carafe you can get one for the low price of $28,23.

Common User Complaints

Since we care about our readers and their buying decisions we would like to shed some light on complaints about the Keurig K575 & K525 people have experienced in the past.

Keurig K525 – Many people loved the K525 product but since it was discontinued and replaced with the K-Elite some may be disappointed that they didn’t get to try the K525 product. Consumers also complained about the price hike of the new K-Elite as the K525 was a lot cheaper and more durable.

People that did have a chance to buy the K525 coffee maker before it was discontinued complained about the design of the coffee spout. The pressure of the coffee maker would spray the beverage all over the outside of the cup and cause a mess in the kitchen.

This could have simply been a factory default on some models because other buyers were happy with their purchases.

Keurig K575 – Consumers don’t like the fact that this machine doesn’t have a removable tray. It’s extremely difficult to clean because you have to move the machine every time you want to rinse it off. Other than that the K575 is a sturdy machine with no leaks or missing components.

Overview & Ratings

Keurig K50Keurig K55
Design and Appearance7/108/10
Usability and Performance7/108/10
Peoples Choice6/108/10
Cleaning and Maintenance6/108/10
After-Sale Support8/108/10
Value for Money7/108/10
Common User Complaints7/108/10


Which Keurig machine did you find you were more drawn to? If you had your heart set on the K525 it’s understandable that you may be disappointed that it’s been discontinued. But since the K575 has the exact same functionality and aesthetics as the K525 model, why not opt for the K575?

Now you’re able to make quick cups of coffee in the morning because the K575 will start preheating the water while you’re getting ready for work or school. Simply adjust the time on your machine for when you’d like the application to start and it will do all the work for you.

We hope our comparison review of the Keurig K525 vs K575 was informative. If you’d like to ask us any questions, simply leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer you.

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