Keurig K55 Review—Is This The One You’ve Been Looking for?

Keurig K55 Review

There are few things as satisfying as brewing cafe quality coffee from the comfort of your own home. For coffee lovers, finding the perfect at-home coffee maker is like making a friend for life.

Very often, this maker will be the first thing you wake up to and the last thing you program before going to bed. You’ll engage with them more than you will the majority of your family. And they’ll bring you more joy than you’d probably like to admit. But that only happens if you pick the right one!

Keurig k55 Review

In this Keurig K55 review we’ll take a closer look at a coffee maker that has caught our attention for good reasons. Hopefully, these insights will bring you a step closer to investing in your new found friend. A coffee brewing world awaits.


In order to connect to a coffee maker, you need to take an in-depth look into the features that it has to offer. Aside from just being able to brew your perfect cup, your coffee machine needs to impress in other ways too.

Reservoir Design

In spite of the K55 being on the more compact scale, it still features an impressively sized water reservoir. You’ll be able to enjoy six full cups of coffee before needing to refill the unit.

Six cups worth of coffee is a good holding amount for coffee maker water tanks. In most households, it’s just enough to ensure the water you consume is always fresh thanks to regular refilling intervals.

The reservoir completely detaches from the rest of the coffee maker which allows you to take it to your water source instead of bringing the water to the machine. This is very convenient.


The drip tray that sits underneath the cup of coffee while it’s being brewed is fully removable. This is great for hygienic purposes and allows you to give the interior of the coffee maker a clean more frequently.

Removing this drip tray also makes way for larger mugs or carafes to fit into the coffee maker for brewing. Travel mugs tend to be a bit taller than regular coffee cups, so the additional space is necessary.

Pod Brewing

The Keurig K55 operates through brewing of coffee pods. These pods can be bought ready to go from a number of reputable brands. They can also be made at home using self-filling pod filters in which you merely scoop your choice of coffee.

How you choose to brew your coffee will be according to personal preference. The latter can be a more time consuming and messier option, but it does give you the freedom to experiment with flavors. Pods are much more efficient, but their flavors come as they are and aren’t customizable.

Auto Timers

The Keurig K55 has an auto shut off timer that will activate itself after two hours of no activity. This is a great way to create a more energy efficient home environment wherein standby devices, like coffee makers, aren’t consuming your electricity even when not in use.

The K55 also has a self-brewing timer that will prepare your coffee at a specific time of day as instructed.


– Size: 13.3” H x 10.1” W x 13.2” D
– Weight: 12lb
– Materials: Plastic
– Color: Matte Black

Who Is This Product For?

This product is most ideal for a coffee enthusiast who wants a user-friendly coffee making experience every morning.

The Keurig K55 is a simple device; it doesn’t even feature a screen of any sort. Through a range of single-use buttons, the machine is instructed to brew coffee.

Some of the more technologically advanced coffee makers feature complicated interfaces and brewing abilities that require a manual to navigate. The Keurig K55 is void of all this. It’s simple, no-nonsense coffee brewing in its most basic form.

Where to Buy Your Keurig K55

You can purchase this coffee maker at your local department store or specific coffee shops around town. Be careful to mention the coffee maker by name to ensure you’re given the right product. If you’re unable to find it at the above locations, then you’ll also find the K55 available on most eCommerce platforms. The K55 runs at a selling price of just under $100. It’s one of the more affordable units on the market.

Alternative Options

When purchasing your K55, you’ll likely come across a few other models for consideration. The little brother to the K55, the K15, is a more basic and affordable option though we wouldn’t recommend it. For a few dollars extra you can get the added features that come with the K55; Totally worth it!

The Keurig K575 is the more feature-packed upgrade to the K55. It is much more advanced, and so naturally it is much more expensive. It is a great product and high performing though at the end of the day both these coffee makers get relatively the same job done—Spending the extra cash is not much of a necessity.

Overall Review

We particularly love the sleek, elegant feel of the K55s exterior thanks to the matte black finish on the body. It will make a handsome addition to any kitchen space. If black isn’t your color, then the K55 also comes in a vibrant red tone.

The coffee maker comes with additional water filters so you’ll be good to go from the day of purchase. Every few months you’ll need to run a chemical tablet through the machine for interior cleaning, but the manual will inform you more about that.

The size of your serving is customizable by the simple press of a button, described as either small, medium or large size brewing.

Because the K55 is so compact, this coffee maker makes a great travel companion. Take it along on road trips or camping getaways and enjoy your coffee no matter where you are.

The coffee maker is compatible with all of the pod brands on the market. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite flavors no matter where you like to shop.

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