Keurig K575 Review: All You Need To Know

Keurig K575 Review

Finding the perfect coffee maker for your home can be a challenge, especially with today’s market being so saturated with options.

To help fuel your search, we’ve put together this comprehensive Keurig K575 review.

The Keurig K575 is one of our favorite home coffee makers on the market. It’s both reasonably priced and performance packed. We believe it has years of enjoyment to offer even the most particular of coffee lovers. Read on and find out why.

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Keurig K575 Review:

To properly understand a coffee machine you need to understand the features packed into it. What goes on on the inside will significantly affect what emerges on the outside. The Keurig K575 impresses in many regards.

Large Reservoir

For such a compact coffee making unit the Keurig’s water reservoir is remarkable. It holds enough water to fill over 10 cups of coffee in a single filling. This allows for less frequent filling and saves you time in the long run.

The water reservoir is also easily removable — no need to bring the entire machine to the water source.

As an added last touch, the reservoir tank also lights up during the night. There are several different colors to choose from. The nightlight function emits a subtle glow into your kitchen throughout the evening, which adds aesthetic value, but also helps you navigate early in the morning.

Touch Screen

The Keurig features an extra large, color touch screen display. The interface is straightforward and easy to use. The screen controls everything about the coffee brewing process. It also displays a clock face for anytime reference.

You’ll also use this touch screen to pre-program automatic coffee brewing times. If you’d like a coffee ready and waiting for you at 7 am, the machine will make it happen. It also has an automatic shut off feature which means you’ll never have to worry about turning it off after use.

Strength Control

The Keurig K575 has a number of built-in strength control functions to choose from. Whether you like your coffee strong, mild or incredibly weak, the coffee maker can get it done.

Along with the strength control the coffee maker can also adjust the temperature. There are five temperature options to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to have your coffee exactly how you like it.

As an added feature there’s a water dispenser button. This allows you to top up your coffee with boiling hot water at any time, should the temperature not be to your liking.

Pods vs. Filter

The Keurig K575 has dual ability to brew coffee either through pods or through filter insertions.

Pods are bought ready made and are simply inserted into the machine & it will do the rest. By making use of external filters, you will have to scoop your ground coffee of choice into them and then insert them into the machine.

The latter takes a bit more time and effort but brews delicious coffee all the same.


– Size: 13.2” H x 10.5” W x 13.3” D
– Weight: 13.7lb
– Materials: Plastic
– Color: Platinum

Who Is This Product For?

This product is designed for the coffee lover who appreciates fine coffee but isn’t trying to blow much cash on the experience. It’s a great entry level coffee maker for anyone looking to get into the art of at home coffee brewing. It offers impressive specs and performance at a price that won’t break the bank.

While there are alternative competitors out there with similar ability and functionality, the Keurig’s digital interface puts it above the rest. The experience of leaving your coffee making up to the built-in computer is a refreshing one.

Where to Buy Your Keurig K575

This coffee maker will be available for purchase at most reputable department stores near you. We always recommend going in store when purchasing a product like this as it gives you the opportunity to physically explore the design and mechanisms. If in-store shopping isn’t your thing, then you’ll be able to purchase the Keurig from most eCommerce websites and have it delivered to your door. This, of course, eliminates the chance to see the device in person before purchasing but does give you an exciting reason the check the mail.

Alternative Options

There is a wide variety of other coffee makers in the Keurig range. The Keurig K55 is another impressive unit, but it is less feature packed—and less expensive as a result. Splurging a bit extra to get the more updated unit (the K757) is worth it in our opinion.

The Keurig K15 is the most basic coffee maker in the Keurig range. It has achieved great popularity as an affordable and reliable coffee maker. The downside is that it only does that, makes a cup of coffee. The bells and whistles we’ve come to love as additional abilities in modern coffee makers are virtually absent.

Overall Review

We love the timeless design of the Keurig’s exterior. The classic lines against the matte platinum finish are a welcome addition to any modern day kitchen. As a bonus, the body is easy to clean and benefits from a regular wipe down every few days.

The Keurig also comes with the ability to brew an entire carafe of coffee should the need arise. The branded carafe is sold separately, but any device of similar size will fit neatly into the machine too.

The compact nature of the Keurig must be noted. We love that you’ll be able to take this coffee maker on trips or between home and office with ease should the need arise. It’s portable enough to pick up and take with you anywhere.

Another notable feature is the machine’s silence. It operates at the tone of a light humming sound — no disruptive grinding or boiling to disturb you first thing in the morning.

The coffee maker comes with a limited one year warranty.

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