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what is kona coffee ?

Where to buy kona coffee?

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What is kona blend coffee?

What does kona coffee taste like?

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Today, we will attempt to answer all of the above questions as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

So let’s start with the first one:

What is Kona coffee ?

The word Kona is taken from the district’s name of Hawaii. Coffee manufacturers only can rename their products as “Kona coffee” if the beans are cultivated in both north and south districts, which has good weather for growing coffee considering all related aspects- soil, wind, cloudy or rainy day as well as sunny morning. This is one of most expensive coffees now a days because it was famous not just by its quality but also climate condition that made this region have perfect conditions to grow these lovely buds

The Hawaiin island “konas” were known worldwide since they had excellent climates for cultivating high-quality green coffee beans due to having particular favorable factors such like fertile ground with enough rainfalls every year.

koa coffee plantation
Coffee Plantation at Kona Districts

Who Manufacturers Kona coffee hawaii?

Are you ready for the ultimate coffee experience? Kona Coffee, which originated in Hawaii, has been a huge hit over the years and creates an intense flavor that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. It’s not hard to find yourself at any one of these great companies: Royal Kona coffee, Hawaiian Gold Company Inc., Mountain Thunder Enterprises LLC or KOA Corporation. These leading manufacturers will help provide you with all types of flavors ranging from mild roasted beans to dark chocolate flavored k cups!

From light to dark, from strong and bold to milder flavors. The perfect cup of Kona coffee is just waiting for you in our top list brands!

Every kind of roast has its own taste profile that ranges from the strongest flavours such as a black espresso or French Roast all the way down into lighter Arabicas like some Sumatran coffees. If we had one recommendation it would be KOA coffee because they have their very own farms on Hawaii where these beans are grown at altitude with rich volcanic soil which creates an amazingly complex flavor profile that will never disappoint your taste buds again- explore every single bean under this category if only so you can find out what’s best for YOU!

Private Reserve Medium Roast Whole Bean 100% Ka'u Coffee

Any purchase from above the link, We will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

For those seeking the best coffee, they often search for whole beans instead of ground. Those searching for low-acid coffees that are well roasted and flavorful can choose this brand which offers citrus aromas with hints of brown sugar and currant flavor. This variant is available in two sizes, one 8oz size or 1lb depending on your preference as KOA also provides 15% off when buying via a subscription service method to make it easier than ever to enjoy their delicious blends!

Medium Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri-Pack

Any purchase from above the link, We will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

This item is for those Who like to indulge in the sweet, rich taste of medium roast coffee. This variant comes with 3 packs of 8oz or 3 1lbs bags that mean you’ll have plenty on-hand no matter your occasion! When needs to gift someone on her/his special moments this package is ideal because it’s an award-winning product and also well known among Americans. Same subscription benefits are available for these products just need enroll through their online site and get all the perks as a subscriber too!

Dark Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri-Pack

Any purchase from above the link, We will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

For those who prefer coffee after dinner or just before the sunsets, this is a suitable variant for you. We all know that taking caffeine at night can cause sleeping problems so it’s best to drink in moderation. This dark roast whole beans comes with low intake of caffeine and lighter roasting process which makes it perfect if we want to make some nighttime brews! Let us find an aroma-rich taste from its light roasted composition, also it’s a KOA Coffee’s top seller product.

Medium Roast Ground Kona Coffee Tri-Pack

Any purchase from above the link, We will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

If you are a coffee connoisseur and ever find yourself craving the taste of rich, smooth Kona Coffee then hop on over to your favorite supermarket’s shelves. There is no need for an expensive trip overseas; just take this pre-ground medium roast ground Kona coffee Tri-Pack home with two different size bags that come in 3 x 8oz or 3 x 1lbs bag sizes. You can even subscribe and get it delivered right at your doorstep so there will never be any more moments when you don’t have access to a quick cup!

Open up the window of your kitchen self today as we bring some delicious goodness straight from Hawaii: Mauna Loa volcano where our beloved beans grow all year round among flavorful botanical aroma.

kona coffee belt map
Kona Coffee Belt Map - This map is liked to the google map.

Where to buy Kona coffee?

The simple answer of this question is any coffee shop or in any online portal like Amazon, eBay or a local store nearby you. 

If we want genuine Kona coffee from Hawaii then we should more careful to purchase from sellers. Nowadays lots of sellers selling product like Kona coffee as marked from Kona districts but most of them are not genuine Kona coffee sellers.

So what is the way to find genuine Kona coffee? Don’t worry we will expose some real sellers of Kona coffee in this article. Well before exploring some Kona coffee manufacturers from Hawaii regions we want to discuss little KOA coffee which is the top ten coffee MANUFACTURERS from the same regions.

Kona Coffee Belt

What Is KOA coffee?

KOA is the best coffee in America. They won first prize for Gevalia Kona Coffee Cupping Competition from sixty numbers of participants and they were called “Best Coffee” by Forbes magazine, which was voted as one of the most trusted magazines over time.

KOA coffee is the best of Kona’s many variants, and it’s produced in part on Mauna Lao. Koa coffee has a delicious flavor that you can expect from any other quality brand but with an added bonus: It comes to us straight from Hawaii!

Apart from  KOA coffee, there are some more genuine sellers available as following:

What is Kona blend coffee?

Say you are brought a Kona coffee packet were found  10% Kona blend as labeled. What does it mean? It’s is mean that the coffee packet contains only 10% Kona with 90% other foreign coffee.

Kona Coffee Farmers Association in sort KCFA is not against of blending process. This organization allowed 10% Kona to blend with other foreign coffees but it should not less than 10%.  People also can ask what about the rest of the 90% foreign coffee?

Well, According to KCFA, it is not mandatory to mention the rest of the 90% coffee details while it’s packaging. Coffee sellers often labeled their blend as 10% Kona blend because Kona is the most famous and best quality beans in the world.

What does Kona coffee taste like?

Before start talking about Kona coffee taste we should understand its detailed taste notes chart. Below we shared the taste notes chart of Kona coffee as followed:

hawaiian tasting notes

Now everyone knows the kona coffee is cultivated, harvested, and finally proceed from the prime coffee-growing area as well from the higher elevation of Kona districts. Coffee comes from higher elevation area is more unique, flavored, and better than lower elevation areas.

So it’s clear that Kona coffee beans which come from the Hawaii Kona region is more favorable, have unique aromas as well as unbeatable aftertaste considering grows from other regions.

Last few words about Kona coffee:

Everyone wants coffee with its all quality or substance with their budget. Now buying original Kona coffee from the kona belt is not a big deal because we have shared all the original sellers in this discussion.

As we tested and has some good communication with KOA coffee seller we can ensure you about the freshness and originality of the Kona brand.  One most important thing about KOA coffee beans is: This brand not packaging coffee with only a 10% blend! Yes, they sell 100% Kona coffee for their valued customers.

So let’s try the best kona coffee from the Hawaii of Kona regions and feel the highest elevation like Mount Everest.

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