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Low Acid Coffee Brands – Products, Guide & Benefits

Low Acid Coffee Brands

Did you know that coffee with high acidity can increase muscle pain after you’ve exercised? If you’ve experienced this, your coffee may be the culprit. There are other symptoms such as burning throat, acid reflux, and stomach cramps. If you’ve experienced unpleasant side effects due to the high acidity content in coffee, perhaps it’s time to opt for a product that’s not going to make you feel ill. Luckily there are some best low acid coffee brands on the market to help you prevent this.

Some people have a tolerance for high acidity content in coffee but if you’re not one of those please try one of the following brands. They’re all top coffee that are full of flavor and body & it may lower your risk of heartburn.

Low Acid Coffee Review - Top 10 List

1. Premium Organic Ground Coffee By LifeBoost

Coffee By LifeBoost

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Why We Like It

At the very top of our list, we have LifeBoost coffee as it’s the best low acidity coffee. Although it’s low in acidity it doesn’t mean it’s low on quality. LifeBoost coffee still has all the flavor profiles a coffee connoisseur will love but with the added benefit of an organically harvested coffee bean.

It’s a well-balanced coffee low acid blend with notes of chocolate and sweet caramel with fruity apple & berry aromas. LifeBoost has a smooth finish with a rich and silky crema with no bitter aftertaste.

Lifeboost is certified low acid organic fair trade coffee and is tested to ensure there are no chemical layers on your beans. This is low acid coffee brands so you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee without the side effects of heartburn.

2. 2LB Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee

Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth

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Why We Like It

Low acid coffee beans are usually lower in acidity levels than regular brands and Subtle Earth is no exception. These beans are grown on the highest mountain tops of Honduras without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. You’re able to enjoy the flavor profiles without a chemical aftertaste.

Say goodbye to acidity and hello to rich coffee flavor profiles & pleasant aromas. Café Don Pablo ensures a balance between the dark blend and the sweet notes of caramel, chocolate & honey.

This product is guaranteed to give a low acid count which means those who suffer from indigestion will benefit from Subtle Earth’s eco-friendly coffee beans that are gentle on the stomach.

3. Puroast Low Acid Coffee Organic French Roast Whole Bean

Puroast Low Acid Coffee

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Why We Like It

Puroast coffee is another best low acid coffee brand that measures 5.81 on the pH scale that means it’s very low in acidity. You can enjoy more than one cup of coffee a day without worrying about getting indigestion or stomach cramps.

The puroast beans are traditionally roasted over a wood fire which gives you strong and decadent flavors with no bitter aftertaste. The beans are evenly roasted for a well-balanced low acid blend that provides you with five times the amount of antioxidants than regular coffee can give you.

You’d think that because this coffee has health benefits that it would diminish the taste but Puroast coffee is extremely flavorful with a rich body and a smooth silky finish. Your home will be filled with a dark decadent aroma of pure low acid coffee beans.

Puroast is for those hardcore coffee drinkers who love straight shot espressos but there are many types of coffees you can make with this brand. Try making Americanos, mochas, lattes and flat whites. Top it with some cream and you’ll have a barista-style coffee you’ll enjoy.

4. Java Planet Organic- Colombian USDA Coffee

Java Planet Organic

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Why We Like It

Java Planet certified organic coffee with low acid beans are harvested in the wilds of Colombia. They’re freshly grown with no chemicals which gives you a high-quality product with added health benefits. Java Planet low in acidity and provides you with flavorful notes & rich aromas.

You’ll be able to taste bold flavors of nuts and spices with no bitter aftertaste. Java Planet Colombian coffee are sweet which makes this product perfect for milk-based coffees like lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. You can also opt for a cold brew to cool you down in summer.

Java Planet is a premium coffee brand that roasts its beans to perfection which provides you with a well-balanced low acid blend. They’re also packaged well which keeps the beans fresher for longer.

5. Mommee Coffee - Half Caff, Low Acid Organic Coffee

Mommee Coffee

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Why We Like It

Are you pregnant women seeking coffee low acid brands? well, it may get the short end of the stick when it comes to certain food products because it might be bad for the baby. Because most coffee brands have high acidity levels it increases acid reflux and causes more discomfort so pregnant women often have to cut down on coffee intake. Luckily Mommee coffee is specifically produced for pregnant ladies to enjoy.

This product comes in four different caffeine levels for every pregnancy stage. Mommee Coffee is also organic and low in chlorogenic acid so there are no chemicals, toxins or added preservatives which make it safe for the growing baby in your stomach.

This product is also rich in flavor and has the right amount of caffeine to give a little boost when you need it. Although this product is designed for pregnant ladies, it can be enjoyed by anyone who loves coffee simply with the added benefits of the low acid content.

6. HealthWise Low Acid Coffee,

HealthWise Low Acid Coffee

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Why We Like It

Indulge in gourmet coffee straight from Colombia. Health Wise is a low acidic coffee brand organically grown and harvested in the lush forests of Colombia. These beans are meticulously roasted to give you a well-balanced low acid blend.

Health Wise uses a technique called Techno Roasting. It eliminates bitterness and acidity in coffee while sealing in vitamins, antioxidants & minerals.

You’re able to make many different coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. You can also make a cold brew for those hot days in the sun. Health Wise is also rich in flavor and gives you a smooth finish with every cup you drink. 

7. Tieman's Fusion Coffee, Low Acid Dark Roast

Tieman's Fusion Coffee

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Why We Like It

Tieman’s infuses  the coffee with matcha green tea and rooibos red tea which give this brand it’s unique flavor. For added health benefits Tieman’s also puts in some Goji berry powder which also gives you a major energy boost.

The added tea and goji berry powder are well balanced with the coffee so there’s no bitterness or an unpleasant aftertaste. It has a pH balance of 5.85 so you can enjoy more than one cup a day as it usually won’t cause acid reflux.

It’s packed with flavor, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants & even has anti-inflammatory properties from the goji berry powder. Tieman’s infues coffee is suitable for anyone who is under a strict healthy diet.

8. Simpatico Low Acid Coffee - Regular - Dark

Simpatico Low Acid Coffee

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Why We Like It

Usually dark roast coffee contains high acidity levels. Simpatico is a dark roast blend but without the added acidity. You’re able to enjoy the rich flavorful coffee blend with no bitter aftertaste. Simpatico gives you a smooth decadent finish with a rich crema.

Simpatico another best low acid coffee beans is suitable as a straight shot espresso or you can make it in a French press. Whatever your preference, this coffee is of premium quality so you’re able to enjoy it no matter how you make your hot beverages.

9. Tres Hermanos Fairtrade Organic Low-Acid

Tres Hermanos Fairtrade

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Why We Like It

Did you ever wonder what coffee from Brazil tastes like? Now you can with Tres Hermanos coffee, as it’s roasted right in the heart of South America. Experience a bold flavor with no chemical aftertaste as Tres Hermanos is certified organic.

Tres Hermanos coffee has a smooth and silky finish with a rich crema with nutty, mocha notes. You’re able to use this coffee to make lattes, Cappuccinos and Americanos like the baristas do it in cafes.

10. Republika Coffee Fairtrade Organic Low-Acid

Republika Coffee Fairtrade

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Why We Like It

Republika is the perfect coffee blend to make a cold brew coffee as it’s rich in flavor and has a full body finish. Cold brews also lower the acid content even more so this will be a good idea for those suffering from acid reflux. You can also make milk based coffees or have a straight shot of espresso.

This coffee brand is certified organic and it’s harvested in Colombia. Republika meticulously roasts its coffee in small batches so that they’re all cooked evenly. This roasting process also removes most of the acidity in the beans and locks in nutrients which makes this an A grade brand.

Why Low Acid Coffee?

Less acidic is gentler on your body, especially for people who suffer from medical problems like indigestion and acid reflux. Opting for a low acid coffee brand also has some added health benefits for sportsmen who do high intensity cardio and for those who have sensitive stomachs.

Benefits Low Acid Coffee can Provide

1. Fitness Workouts and Running

Some people aren’t willing to give up their coffee even if they have a marathon to run that morning. But high acidity levels can make you feel ill when doing high intensity workouts. You’re more likely to feel nauseated than to get to the finish line.

Drinking a coffee with low acid levels won’t make you feel nauseated whenever you do cardio, as it’s gentle on your stomach and doesn’t cause any discomfort as you run. It also decreases your chances of respiratory problems when you workout.

Another thing about coffee with high acidity levels is it tends to inflame your tendons and muscles when you exercise. Inflamed muscles cause more pain and discomfort after you exercise. Drinking coffee with less acidity reduces the risk of muscle tension and swelling.

2. Locked in Nutrients

As explained in the HealthWise coffee review above, most coffees that have less acidic levels are possible thank to a technique called Techno Roasting. This technique locks in all the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle while eliminating all the bad elements of coffee beans.

This process reduces the coffees’ natural bitterness by removing most of the acid in the beans. This gives you a smoother more delicate finish and it provides a pleasant taste as well.

During this process, no chemicals are used so it’s completely organic and FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved.

3. Organically Grown

Mass-produced coffee don’t have time to reduce the high acidity levels in coffee beans as it will slow down production lines. The chemicals used to grow the beans could also cater to the high acidity levels.

Organic coffee are grown slowly and without any chemicals. They’re also roasted in smaller batches for quality assurance. This means that most low acidic coffee are organically grown. Organic coffee are healthier as there are no toxins in the beans.

These organically grown coffee taste much better than mass-produced products as there’s no bitterness or chemical undertones in the flavor.

4. Better for Your Teeth

Products that are high in acidity can remove the enamel off your teeth which results in tooth decay and sensitivity. Some coffee have high levels of acidity and because of this people may experience problems with their teeth after long term use of those brands.

Drinking coffee with low acid content will decrease your risk of sensitive teeth and tooth decay so this is a long term investment in your health.

How is Less Acidic Coffee Produced?

Have you ever wondered how low acid coffee is made? Well, look no further as we’ve listed the processing techniques for you.

  1. Beans that are already low in coffee acidity are grown and harvested in different parts of the world. Coffee beans from Brazil, Hawaii, India and the Caribbean are naturally low in acidity.
  2. High pressured steam is used to wash off the wax coating on the green coffee beans. This reduces the acidity levels quite significantly.
  3. Coffee is roasted for longer periods of time using lower temperatures. This results in lower acid content when the coffee is brewed.
  4. Darker roasts such as French and Italian tend to be lower in acid levels because of the way they’re roasted. The coffee undergo chemical changes when roasted for longer periods of time resulting in lower acidity levels.
  5. You can reduce the acidity level even more by steeping the coffee in cold water before you use them.

Low acidity Coffee Vs Regular Coffee

Taste of Regular Coffee

This types of coffee with high acidity levels has a light to medium roast which can result in more subtle flavors. They gave a crisp acidity with a mellow body and bright flavors. These coffees usually have fruity and floral notes.

Light roasted coffees have a high acidity level because they’re only roasted for a short amount of time at temperatures of 350°F – 400°F. Because of the quick roasting method, the acidity in the beans isn’t fully eliminated.

Lightly roasted coffee beans barely reach the stage of the first crack, which is when the vapors are released from the beans and produce a crackling noise. Although they’re light roasted and high in acidity they still produce unique vibrant flavors.

Taste of Low-Acid Coffee

Low acid coffee are roasted for longer periods of time, on lower temperatures to ensure the beans don’t burn. Because of the dark roast, the flavors are deeper, rich and have a fuller body.

Dark roasts have nutty, chocolate and caramel notes & they’re well balanced so that it’s not too bitter or harsh on the tongue. The beans are roasted under temperatures of 430°F to 450°F. These temperatures may vary depending on how long the beans are roasted for.

Does Coffee Cause Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux (also known as heartburn) is a condition that causes a burning sensation in the lower chest area. It’s caused by a small amount of stomach acid that flows back up into the esophagus.

The stomach contains hydrochloric acid which is a strong acid that helps break down food and protects your stomach from bacteria. The lining of the stomach is naturally protected from this acid but the esophagus isn’t.

The gastroesophageal sphincter which is a ring of muscle acts as a valve that allows food into the stomach but not back up into the esophagus. Sometimes this valve fails and stomach content is subsequently regurgitated into the esophagus which results in acid reflux.

If you consume too many acidic drinks and foods your body’s pH level will become acidic and can result in a condition called chronic low-grade acidosis. When your acidic levels are too high it can cause a deficiency in mineral levels such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Coffee has been known to trigger acid reflux because of the high levels of caffeine and acidity, especially those suffering from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Selecting a coffee that’s low in coffee acidity can decrease your chances of throwing out your body’s pH level that causes acid reflux.

Can You Drink Coffee if Your Stomach Hurts?

It’s not advisable to drink coffee if you’re having digestion problems as high caffeine levels can make the problem worse. Coffee that’s high in caffeine can increase the stomach acidity which often leads to acid reflux. Try a decaf coffee or a coffee that’s low in acidity.

You should also drink lots of water if your stomach pains persist and visit a professional practitioner. It could be that you’re suffering from a coffee intolerance but opting for a healthier coffee can also help you. Try organic whole beans that you can grind yourself and avoid mass-produced brands.


Who would have thought there would be brands of coffee on the market that have added health benefits? Now you don’t have to compromise on your coffee in the mornings even if you’re suffering from ailments that cause acid reflux and stomach pains. Something as simple as changing your coffee brand can help.

As you can see all the products above like Lifeboost, Java Planet, Simpatico and others all are organic coffee that even include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Opting for a low acidic coffee can reduce your risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease and chronic low-grade acidosis.

If you’re facing health concern, don’t feel like you have to give up your morning cup of joe yet. Try a low acidic coffee brand first and make sure the brand you select is organically grown & will cater to your overall health.

Try one of the best low acid coffee brands from above and you’ll wonder why you’ve been buying mass-produced high acidity coffee all this time. These brands are premium quality and even though they’re healthier for you there’s no compromise in flavor, body & aroma. Enjoy

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