Matcha Slim – A Green Matcha Tea Powder of 2021

matcha slim

What is matcha Slim? Matcha Slim is a type of powdered green tea. It is made from the whole ground leaves and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant. It has been specially grown, picked, rolled, and then stone-ground into a bright green powder. This kind of matcha is high in antioxidants and polyphenols that are related to anti-aging and cancer prevention. It can also be prepared by placing the Matcha powder into a tea infuser or tea strainer.

The match is commonly used in East Asia for centuries- like Japanese tea ceremonies. It is also consumed outside of these ceremonies, and Matcha tea bags and powder cans are now available in many parts of the world.

Matcha slimming methods are becoming popular day by day. Because, It can help you weight-lose as well as reduce bloating and inflammation! It helps detox the body by delivering more oxygen to your cells and tissues while also boosting metabolism. It contains health benefits that are very beneficial in the fight against cancer.

Here some Delicious and Healthy Matcha Recipes that are frequently used to weight loss purposes:

  1. Matcha Shots
  2. Iced Coconut Matcha Latte
  3. Creamy Banana Matcha Smoothie
  4. Energizing Matcha Green Tea
  5. Coconut Vanilla Matcha
  6. Matcha Protein Smoothie

Benefits of Matcha Slim Green Tea Powder

Matcha Green Tea has become increasingly popular recently and can be found on grocery store shelves in bags or sachets. It contains L-theanine, an amino acid that provides a relaxing effect because it stimulates the production of alpha brain waves. Matcha powder is made from shade-grown tea leaves that are shaded for about three weeks before harvesting. This process produces more chlorophyll than non-shaded teas, making matcha green tea powder significantly higher in antioxidant levels such as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) compared to regular matcha green tea powder.

Let’s check matcha Slim health benefits in matcha green tea powder:

#1   Boosts Energy – Matcha Green Tea Powder is known as an “energy booster” to the Japanese. It contains a good amount of caffeine (40-100mg per serving depending on the grade and quality) which is much less than coffee but still gives you that extra energy boost to your body and mind.

You can take matcha as a pre-workout drink or after-workout drink!

#2   Lowers Cholesterol & Sugar level – This type of tea increases sensitivity to insulin, therefore regulating blood sugar levels, making it great for lowering cholesterol levels and reducing cravings for sweets!

#3  Antioxidants – Matcha tea contains a great amount of antioxidants that protect the body from any cancer-causing chemicals. It also helps in preventing any premature aging from occurring.

#4  Boost Mood & Memory – Matcha is said to improve memory and mood by increasing blood flow to the brain!

#5  Other matcha health benefits are: Helps you lose weight, Improves skin tone, increases energy level!

So try matcha powder today,  you will get all these health benefits with matcha green tea powder!

How does matcha Green Tea Powder help you lose weight? Matcha Green-Tea Powder contains a lot of fiber which cleans your system out. While also eliminating waste and toxins effectively allowing your body to burn more calories. It helps us reduce bloating & toxins, lower cholesterol levels, improves mood.

How is Matcha Slim green tea powder playing a key role in weight loss?

#1   Helps you lose weight – Matcha Green Tea Powder is very healthy for us and it can help us lose weight by burning more fat than in other food. It also suppresses our appetite so we don’t feel hungry anymore!

#2  Matcha green tea powder also helps you – Stay focused, help your brain stay fresh and alert- boost energy levels and packed with vitamins C, B, E.

#3  Helps fight against fat cells! matcha green tea powder contains L-theanine which inhibits the action of an enzyme called lipase. Lipase breaks down triglycerides into fatty acids so they can be absorbed by the body. 

#4   Helps detox your body! It is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that help us flush out all the toxins from our system. Matcha Green Tea Powder is a natural way of cleansing our bodies. It helps cleanse your arteries, liver, and even improve blood flow. This drink has been used for many years in Japan as a general health tonic. Because It helps make your skin firmer while making you appear younger by reducing wrinkles and removing dark circles under the eyes! 

#5   It contains an abundance of antioxidants that have anti-aging effects and help to prevent premature aging. Matcha green tea powder is also said to improve memory and mood by increasing blood flow to the brain!

#6  Matcha Green Tea Powder –  This matchaslim website supplies matcha slim drink mix for your slim program!

So try matcha today,  you will get all these health benefits with matcha green tea powder: Helps you lose weight, Improves skin tone, and increases energy level!

Usages of Matcha Slim in meals and drink:

Many people use matcha tea powder in various foods.  It is used to color and flavor foods such as Genmaicha, Matcha ice cream, Matcha lattes, or Matcha mayonnaise. It can also be made into a paste that is added to foods and drinks. Matcha-powder has a full-bodied bitter taste because of the catechin content in the leaves.

It can be mixed into warm water inside the teaware. It is usually mixed with hot or cold water and sipped slowly, often using a special bamboo whisk to mix it in order to maximize the flavor. Matcha-powder can also be dissolved into plain rice milk for Matcha milk tea. It is used in traditional wagashi sweets, Japanese desserts.

It can also be added to smoothies. It is a traditional ingredient in sweets such as mochi, dorayaki, and daifuku. Matcha ice cream or Matcha Popsicles are also available in some places. Matcha tea powder is sold mixed with other ingredients for drinks or on its own. It may also be sold as a capsule that can be taken orally.

Matcha drinks may have more than 77 times the amount found in some soft drinks. Matcha tea contains 2–3 times more polyphenols, antioxidants that can slow the growth of cancer cells, than regularly steeped green tea.

order matcha slim

Order Matcha Slim

Drink Mix Matcha Slim- Enjoy the rich flavour of Matcha Slim in a in a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Some others manufacturers of matcha green tea powder:

The biggest matcha green tea powder producer is in Japan, but some companies in China, Taiwan, and Korea also produce it. Although there are many producers, only a few of the green teas that they use to make matcha are of sufficient quality to be used. Therefore choose your tea carefully when purchasing matcha.

Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder:

Jade Leaf  Matcha Green-Tea Powder is 100% USDA Certified Organic. This shade-grown green tea leaf matcha powder is pure, natural, and grown without pesticides or harmful fertilizers. It’s the perfect green-tea matcha powder!

It offers you the freshest green tea, shipped directly from the factory to your door. This means that our tea is not only organic in nature but also of higher quality than other competitors.

MatchaDNA Organic Matcha Green Tea:

MatchaDNA is a pure natural organic Matcha tea product. Matcha DNA Green-Tea Powder contains matcha, green tea, and soy lecithin. It is high in antioxidants and amino acids such as L-theanine, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCg), and theophylline that are beneficial to the mind.

Matcha DNA Green Tea Powder has a natural green color with a smooth taste. It also comes in a variety of flavors including Mint Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Bean Bliss, and Fresh Strawberry Sorbetto.

MatchaBar Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder:

MatchaBar is a high-quality matcha green tea powder that is all-natural and organic. It ships worldwide, so you can enjoy the benefits of drinking Green Tea Matcha Powder. The product is 100% authentic and fresh with a shelf life of 2 years. It’s completely natural and contains no additives or preservatives. MatchaBar offers you the freshest green tea, directly from the Japanese farms to your door.

Tea is 100% USDA Certified Organic and made by a Japanese company, with no additives or preservatives.

Why choose Matcha Slim?

matcha slim green tea powderMatcha Slim is an all-natural powder substitute that will change the way you experience green tea. Matcha Slim is perfect for those looking for a healthier, more balanced option to their cup of joe! Matcha Slim provides a rich, smooth and aromatic flavor without the caffeine and yet still offers the delicious taste of coffee- but with less guilt!

Matcha can burn fat, Matcha is rich in compounds called polyphenols that increase metabolic rate and promote the breakdown of body fats. It has more than 75 times the concentration of EGCg compared to green tea! It is a potent antioxidant and contains 137 times more antioxidants than Vitamin C.

Matcha tea is high in L-theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to increase alpha brain waves, which makes Matcha a unique and powerful natural relaxing drink. Studies have shown Matcha can help boost mood, memory retention, focus, and concentration.

Matcha is also known to be excellent for the skin. It contains high levels of chlorophyll and Vitamin C, which are both powerful antioxidants that aid in the protection against DNA damage. It can help detoxify harmful chemicals and heavy metals from your body by boosting up your liver function.

Ingredients of Matcha Slim:

The Matcha green tea leaves include a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive elements that will assist your body in detox and burn fat. It also provides more energy and is loaded with antioxidants which can slow down the aging process of your skin. The antioxidant-rich properties are attributed to the high levels of chlorophyll present in Matcha Green Tea.

Some people choose to use lemon citric acid as a way to lose weight due to the many benefits it offers. Lemon citric acid is well-known for its weight-loss, digestion, and water-balance-promoting effects. It will also aid in the removal of excess water from your body. Lemon citric acid aids in weight loss by boosting up your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. It helps control sugar levels and improves cellular functions.

Add 150 ml boiling water with 1 teaspoon Matcha Slim When making matcha tea, use a specific bamboo whisk to get a smooth drink quickly. Allow for an 8-10 minutes rest period before enjoying your matcha tea.

How do matcha Slim is prepared for the drink:

It is so easy to make Matcha Slim tea !!! Matcha Slim comes in a teabag. Just put the Matcha Slim tea bag in a mug, pour hot water and let it rest for 10 minutes, Matcha Latte is ready for drinking. Matcha is amazing as it dissolves immediately, even without stirring!

For a cold Matcha drink, just fill your bottle with ice.

Follow the 3 easy steps below to start your match slim journey:

add water

Add Hot Water

Add 150 ml boiling/hot water with 1 teaspoon Matcha Slim.

mix well

Mix the Matcha powder wel

Mix the Matcha powder well untill fully dissolved in the water (about 2-3 minutes).

wait for 10 min

Wait for 8-10 Min

Allow for an 8-10 minutes rest period before enjoying your matcha tea.

Enjoy! Matcha tea tastes best when served hot, Matcha Tea is also served cold in ice cubes or Matcha Ice.

You can also add Matcha Slim to smoothies, juices, lattes, iced tea, desserts, etc. Matcha is known for providing extra energy and boosting your mood. It is easy to incorporate Matcha into your daily routine.

Who actually needs this matcha slim green tea powder?

Matcha Slim is an organic Match Green Tea Powder, it is recommended for everyone as Matcha offers a lot of health benefits. If you are trying to lose weight and need a weight loss supplement or if you want to maintain your current weight. It will help you out in this case!

The Matcha green tea powder contains high levels of antioxidants which help your body detox and burn fat. It also contains a large amount of chlorophyll as well as dietary fiber, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, and many minerals. It is an excellent source of calcium and has only about half the caffeine found in regular green tea leaves.

Matcha Green-Tea Powder contains about 50% more nutrients than other Green-Teas. It can be said to offer greater health benefits than other green teas. It is packed with vitamins such as Vitamin A that help prevents aging signs like dark spots on the skin. These spots occur due to damage from free radicals and environmental pollution Matcha Latte or Matcha Powdered Green Tea can help.

Where to buy Matcha Slim:

This Product is truly something special and it is not sold in any store. It is only available on the web. We sell this product with COD service in selected countries, if customers are from the USA, then they can go to our nearest USPS center to pick up their well-packaged product! Users need to provide only their name and phone number to order the product.

Our products also available  in the selected countries:

United States, Philippines, France, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, and many more… To find out where Matcha Slim is available simply go through our website!

I am so happy to announce that this product is now available online at a discounted price. The product is an organic Matcha green tea powder that offers 50% more nutrients than other green teas.

Matcha Green-Tea Powder contains about 50% more nutrients than other Green-Teas. It can be said to offer higher health benefits than other Green-Teas.

How To Oder Matcha Slim

place an order

Fill The Form

Provide Name and Phone Number


Wait for Call

Wait for the representive phone call


Received and Pay to the delivery man

Matcha Slim is specifically designed for anyone who is trying to lose weight, maintain weight, or who has a health condition such as chronic fatigue. Matcha Slim is an organic Match Green Tea Powder that offers 50% more nutrients than other green teas and contains approximately 50% more antioxidants than other green teas.

Every consumer wants to be sure they are spending their money on a quality product and buying from a trusted source. We will ensure the quality and reliable source of your products. We offer shipping throughout the United States with a delivery time of 3-5 business days at no extra cost!

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