Top 10 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands to Try in 2023

The Puerto Rican coffee culture is deeply rooted in Puerto Rico’s history. From the streets of Puerto Rico to your morning cup, Puerto Rican coffee has been a part of Puerto Rican life for centuries. This article will explore the best puerto rican coffees and give you some insight on what brands are worth trying out!

so what is the best brand of Puerto Rican coffee? It’s hard to say for sure what the best Puerto Rican coffee brand is? Some people love Volcanica, and some prefer Alto Grande or Yaucono. The decision will have a lot to do with personal taste. We recommend trying them all out one by one- here are some recommendations though!

In order to help you find the best brands of Puerto Rican coffees available on the market today, we’ve compiled our top ten list of puerto rican coffee brands below:

The 11 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands

1. Matcha Slim

matcha slim green tea powder


  • Premium Product Quality
  • Unique taste profile
  • Delicious coffee with a rich flavor
  • Produce a rich, Full body chocolate undertones
  • High demand product

It can be mixed into warm water inside the teaware. It is usually mixed with hot or cold water and sipped slowly, often using a special bamboo whisk to mix it in order to maximize the flavor. Matcha-powder can also be dissolved into plain rice milk for Matcha milk tea. It is used in traditional wagashi sweets, Japanese desserts.

2. Alto Grande super premium Puerto Rican Coffee


  • Premium Whole beans
  • Unique taste profile
  • Delicious coffee with a rich flavor
  • Produce a rich, Full body chocolate undertones
  • High demand product

The coffee brand that has been around for the longest time in puerto rican coffee production. They’ve been in Puerto Rico since 1839 and are one of Puerto Rico’s largest companies producing coffee. Hacienda alto grande specializes in the production of organic and fair trade coffees.

Alto Grande Coffee is known as a rare and exotic coffee with full body chocolate undertones. You don’t have to be an expert to taste it! The sweet aroma brought in our attention, but experts enthusiastically describe this classic Puerto Rican blend as having deep flavor that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Alto Grande Premium Coffee is a medium-dark roast, 100% Arabica coffee that is grown and roasted by the world’s finest coffee growers. Alto Grande Premium Coffee is available in whole bean or ground for your convenience and ready to brew!

3. Volcanica Puerto Rico Coffee


  • Whole Beans
  • It’s a high quality coffee.
  • It’s 100% Arabica coffee
  • Smooth body with bright acidity and richness
  • High altitude coffee beans for a smooth body.
  • Kosher Certified

Volcanica our second best favorite option sourced from Hacienda San Pedro. Volcanica Puerto Rico Coffee is a full-bodied medium roasted whole beans coffee with winey acidity, chocolate notes and deep red fruit.

Volcanica Puerto Rico Coffee is a Direct Trade Certified coffee with Kosher Certification. This coffee has a distinct flavor profile and stands out because it’s grown at an altitude of roughly 2500-2700 feet above sea level, which gives this coffee its smooth body with bright acidity and richness.

Volcanica Puerto Rico Coffee can be found in many grocery stores and other retailers, but you may want to check out their website for the 10% off deals on Puerto rican coffee big bags.

4. Yaucono Ground Puerto Rican Coffee


  • Ground Coffee
  • It’s a medium roast
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Smooth, rich and well balanced flavor

Yaucono Ground is an organic, single-origin roasted by award winning farmers in the mountains of Yauco. This deliciously smooth and rich brew has been made with 100% Arabica beans without any additives to create a distinctly nuanced flavor that makes it perfect for morning or evening consumption.

Yaucono pre ground Coffee is a medium-tasting roast mixed with prime coffee beans. It has a smooth, rich and well balanced flavor that will satisfy your tastes buds. It’s also a perfect gift for someone who loves coffee!

What separates Yaucono Ground Coffee from the rest of the pack? Freshness. This coffee beans are hand picked, lot roasted on site and ground fresh every day for an ultra-fine head that’s never bitter and always flavorful.

It is perfect for those looking to enjoy an espresso at the end of a long day. With 9 different varieties, the happiness in this brown bag will be guaranteed to light up your morning.

5. Cafe Crema Ground Puerto Rican.


  • Ground Coffee
  • Smooth and well balanced rich flavor.
  • Affordable product

Cafe Crema Ground Coffee is a medium roast ground coffee with a rich flavor that’s smooth on your tongue. Medium roasts tend be more acidic, but Cafe Crema Ground Medium Roast Coffee has balanced acidity with traditional grind.

It’s popular in all regions but it’s especially loved by people from Rio Piedras, San Juan, Carolina and Bayamón.

Cafe Crema Ground Puerto Rican is the perfect blend of flavor and value. You’ll love rich taste that’s not too strong or too weak. Affordable product at a price point that won’t break your budget!

5. Café Lareño Ground Coffee Puerto Rican Coffee


  • Ground, medium roast
  • It’s made from high quality beans
  • Smooth, rich taste
  • Affordable Price

Café Lareño is the another best coffee beans producer from Puerto Rica you can find. It’s 100% pure ground, medium roast and made from high-quality beans that are roasted to perfection. You won’t be disappointed with this rich, smooth taste.

This coffee comes in two 14-ounce bags each for a total of 28 ounces or 793 grams.

Lastly, the Café Lareño Ground Coffee is made from sustainable farming that’s based on organic practices and fair trade principles. This means you can enjoy your coffee guilt-free knowing it’s produced in an ethical way.

7. Cafe Rico Ground Regular Puerto Rican Coffee


  • Ground coffee
  • Medium dark roast
  • Bold & aromatic flavor.
  • Made from high quality beans.

Cafe Rico is one of the old organization in the puerto rican coffee industry. They have been around for over 90 years and are still one of the most recognized brands on the Island.

From its medium-dark roast to its bold and aromatic flavor, every sip will excite your taste buds like only Puerto Rican can.who like bold coffee, this coffee will be a great option for you.

This is one of the best Coffee Brands for those that like to start their day off with a nice, bold cup of joe. Perfect for those who are looking for purest and highest quality coffee on the Island!

so why you are waiting, if you want bold coffee then this is one of the best Coffee in puerto rico’s coffee industry.

8. Cafe Oro de Puerto Rican Ground Coffee


  • Ground coffee
  • Bold dark roast coffee
  • Best for house hold or office.
  • It’s Arabica beans
  • Well packaging.

Cafe Oro de ground coffee is not only full of flavor but also rich and strong! The Bold Dark Roast coffee beans are perfect for those who enjoy a hearty, dark tasting coffee.

The 14oz bags are perfect for a large household or office. Each bag contains 4pcs of 14 oz coffee that makes brewing easier and more convenient!

It is Arabica, finest selection coffee beans from the mountains region of Puerto Rico. Additionally metallized packaging that protects against corrosion and oxidation which ensures freshness of coffee for longer periods of time. The aroma from this metallized packaging will make you want more!

9. Draco Rosa Kit: Premium Ground Coffee from Puerto Rico


  • Premium Ground coffee
  • Has rich & unique flavor
  • Comes with 8 oz packet.

coffee beans from Puerto rican are synonymous with quality and taste because its grown up environment that creates a unique flavor.

Draco Rosa Kit is a premium, high-quality ground coffee from Puerto Rico. Draco Rosa has been impressing coffee lovers across the United States with its unique flavor and excellent taste since they are in the coffee production. They are experts in roasting green beans to perfection using their proprietary blends of Arabica and Robusta beans that have been selected for aroma, flavor and quality.

The 8-ounce, two pack of premium ground coffee by Draco Rosa Kit is one of the best Puerto Rican brands for your home. The 8-ounces per package make this a great value and you can use it to make up to approximately 16 cups of delicious hot or cold espresso drinks every time without sacrificing flavor.

10. Julian Coffee Whole Bean


  • Whole bean coffee
  • Grown at 2300 ft
  • Have a rich, full flavor coffee
  • Less acidity than other coffees
  • No jitters or morning slump

Get a taste of exotic, sweet taste coffee flavor with Julian Puerto Rican Whole Bean. Julian coffee beans are grown at an altitude of 2300 feet to create sweeter tasting coffee which is easier on sensitive stomachs and has lower caffeine than other coffees so you don’t feel jittery throughout the day – no morning slump here! And for those who prefer less acidity in their drinks, Julian’s beans have got you covered.

Puerto Rican coffee is rich with flavor and doesn’t require any fancy brewing techniques. So go ahead, pour that hot cup or cold brew of Caturra Arabica Beans, light medium roast into your favorite mug or ceramic French Press and savor the deep, full-bodied taste as you take a sip!

11. CAFE MAMI, Premium Ground Coffee


  • Ground coffee
  • 100% Puerto Rican coffee
  • perfect for morning coffee
  • Medium roast coffee

Enjoy a medium roast coffee every morning to start your day. All Cafe Mami products are hand-picked and directly exported from the Puerto Rico mountains, so you can take great pride in this 100% Puerto Rican coffee! With its exquisite flavor and rich aroma, this is perfect for breakfast time.

100% Puerto Rican Premium Ground Coffee has a combination of the best varieties of grains, which are: Bourbon, Puerto Rico Selection, Caturra, Limaní and Fronton. Aside from being delicious for every cup you drink as an individual’s palate changes.

Enjoy CAFE MAMI Puerto Rican Premium Ground Coffee any time of day, in more ways than one! Try it iced coffee, hot, half-caf or cafecito style – your favorite way will be our pleasure.

Buying Guide

Why choose Puerto Rican Coffee?

why is puerto rican coffee so good? Puerto Rico’s climate, location and rich soil are perfect for growing arabica beans-the type of bean that makes up most high quality coffees. This types of coffee is grown at higher altitudes than other coffees, which makes it richer and smoother. Like Hawaiian coffee Puerto Rican beans are grown in the shade, which means it’s easier to grow a higher-quality bean without pesticides and herbicides.

Puerto Rico’s climate is also perfect for growing robusta beans–the type of bean that makes up most instant coffees. Puerto Rican companies like Cafe Bustelo sell both arabica and robusta beans, which gives this coffee brands a unique taste.

How do identified original Puerto Rican Coffee?

-Look for a seal of authenticity and the word “Puerto Rican” clearly printed on the package.

Things to look out for:

false labels, or brands that do not mention Puerto Rico as its origin. Some coffee manufacturers from other countries have been using Puerto Rican names without any intention of sourcing their beans from the island.

-Look for a company that is willing to answer questions about their coffee and how it has been grown.

-Take note of where your beans are being sourced from, which will help you to determine if they have quality control in place or not.

-Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about the roast date, roast process and any other qualities.

Well we make this process more easy for you, we have a list of all the coffee brands that are registered as Puerto Rican Coffee and provide them with a seal of authenticity.

You just need to look our above top 10 Puerto Rican coffee brands to avoid buying a fake product.

Where to buy Puerto Rican Coffee?

There are many places to buy Original Puerto Rican Coffee. You can find it in grocery stores, coffee shops and through online retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

You can also buy direct from the farmer. Contact a coffee farm and ask if they sell their own green beans or roasted beans themselves for sale direct to consumers. Its only applicable if you located near the farm or have the time to travel.

Conclusion :

With so many brands to choose from, it can be hard to find the best Puerto Rican coffee. We’ve done some research on your behalf and have found these top 10 most popular ones that are worth checking out! Have you tried any of them? What did you think about the taste? Comment below with your thoughts or favorite brand for us to review next time.

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