Tips and Tricks for Storing Coffee

how to store coffee beans

Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning? Is coffee all you long for before a long day at work? Coffee has been a favored drink for centuries, dating as far back as 850 A. D. For just as long, knowing how to store coffee beans has been imperative in creating the best coffee experience.

The power of coffee stands in its magnificent aromas and luxurious tastes. Storing coffee beans correctly maximizes these tastes and aromas for as long as possible.

The result: a perfect brew that can be enjoyed thoroughly. Every time.

Why Is It Important to Maintain a Guideline to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh?

These elements are the bane of every coffee bean. Whenever coffee gets exposed, it begins the process of de-gassing. This means the coffee beans begin to lose CO2. CO2 gives the coffee bean its unique, aromatic flavor gained during the roasting process. As a result, the coffee experience is dampened. Coffee beans become stale, losing what makes them tantalizing.

Therefore, knowing the best method on how to keep coffee beans natural is necessary to enhance the coffee experience.


Following a simple guideline keeps coffee beans in their optimum state.

Don’t Freeze Your Coffee Beans

Most coffee professionals will agree: Don’t freeze your coffee beans. Freezing coffee beans will have the desired effect of preventing the de-gassing process.

However, few containers are truly airtight. This means freezing coffee beans will expose them to moisture. As a result, the oils that enrich the coffee bean flavor and aroma will seep out, leaving the bean bland.

Coffee beans are also hygroscopic, which means that they absorb surrounding flavors and aromas. The pure coffee taste could be compromised by the taste and smell of garlic, celery & even onions. For this reason, it’s not even a good idea to refrigerate coffee beans.

If you must freeze or refrigerate coffee beans, make sure the container is as airtight as possible. There must be no way for the coffee beans to be exposed.

Smaller Quantities

In fact, don’t even buy coffee beans in large quantities that may require freezing. Coffee beans are best enjoyed when they’re fresh and natural. For this reason, it’s best to consider coffee beans as a perishable, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Only buy enough coffee beans to last for a week to ten days. This is considered the optimal time to keep coffee beans before they start losing their flavor. Buying smaller quantities ensures that the coffee experience is at its most ideal. This limits the risk of spoiled beans as well as unnecessary expenses.

Sometimes buying in bulk is the only option. Unfortunately, in this case, freezing is unavoidable. Therefore, consider separating the coffee beans into smaller quantities before freezing. If you do this, the coffee beans will only be removed from the freezer when they’re going to be used.

This will help prevent moisture getting into the containers and any freezer-burn that the coffee beans may suffer. Remember: Don’t remove coffee beans from the freezer too frequently. Avoid exposing them to the elements, as much as possible.

Once again, it is better not to freeze coffee beans at all. Rather buy only enough to consume before the coffee beans become stale.

The Optimal Storage Method

The optimal method on how to store coffee beans is surprisingly easy.

Step 1: Remove the Packaging

The packaging that coffee beans are bought in is often not optimal for storing the coffee beans. This means it is necessary to remove the coffee beans from their packaging in order to ensure that they are stored in the best conditions.

Step 2: Place in an Airtight, Opaque Container

The coffee beans must now be transferred. The best container for coffee beans is airtight (or as airtight as possible) to prevent any moisture or air from destroying the aroma and flavor.

It is best to ensure that the container is opaque, as light can also damage coffee beans. Once such a container is secured, it becomes easier to maintain the coffee beans’ freshness.

Step 3: Store in a Dry, Dark Place at Room Temperature

The best place for coffee beans is not the freezer, but the pantry.

To prevent light from spoiling the coffee beans, it is best to keep the coffee beans in a place that is dry and dark.

Another factor that spoils coffee beans is heat. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the coffee beans remain at room temperature. This will prevent any heat from spoiling them.

These three simple steps show how to keep coffee beans natural in the easiest way possible. It barely takes any effort to ensure the best cup of coffee and the most flavor& aroma from your coffee beans.

A Note on Grinding

Although pre-ground coffee may seem like a good idea, the coffee beans begin to oxidize and lose flavor as soon as they are ground. For this reason, it’s best to buy whole beans and grind them just before consumption. This will give way for a perfect blend, as long as the coffee beans are stored correctly.


The question is: Do you want a delightful day or a bitter beginning? The start to any good day, or at least any good cup of coffee, doesn’t just depend on the brew. It starts with the beans. Therefore, you need to know how to store them.

So, it’s best to keep them sealed away and stored where no moisture or heat can get to them. The perfect bean means the perfect buzz to get you through the day. Enjoy!

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