The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Coffee Creamer Recipe

Vegan Coffee Creamer Recipe

Morning coffee is a ritual for many people. Skipping it can mess up their days and decrease their productivity. Who can blame them, coffee smell arouses your senses and set off your energy? And, if it is creamy, you will start your day on a tasty note.

Sometimes, it can be a bummer for vegans to enjoy their coffee to the fullest. Store non-dairy creamers can be pricey and overly-sweetened. It ends up distorting your coffee taste. This is why,  in the following article, I will provide you with an easy and affordable vegan coffee creamer recipe. If you want to start your day right, take notes.

Easy And Affordable Vegan Coffee Cream Recipe

There is plenty of dairy substitutes creamer, mainly nutts-based. Although they are delicious, it takes money and energy to make them.

On the other hand, oats are an affordable, simple, and delicious replacement. You can find it at any store at low prices. It is also trouble-free, requiring no culinary skills to prepare.


Prep Time

15 minutes

Cook Time

2 minutes

Total Time

17 minutes

What Do You Need For This Recipe?

Do not worry, you will not have to spend hours in the stores looking for weird over the notch ingredients. This recipe requires only three simple things. I am pretty sure they are somewhere in your cabinet.

You will need:

  • Oats: You can opt for two different oats kinds preferably the old-fashioned and steel-cut types. Or, you can simply use what you have at home or what you like most.
  • Coffee Beans: To have a delicious coffee, it is important to use beans and freshly grind them instead of relying on instant coffee.
  • Filtered Water: For the sake of your health and pure taste, having filtered water is a must. Using tap water can be dangerous for health. It will also change the oatmeal and coffee taste.

These are the different equipment you will need:

To make this recipe, you need to have these tools at your disposal:

How To Make Your Vegan Coffee Creamer? 5 different steps to consider

  1. First, start with pre-soaking the oats for 15 minutes. Preferably no more than this, since the oats can become gooey, resulting in less cream. To save time, you can do it the night before.
  2. Once soaked and ready, purey it using your food processor until it becomes juicy and homogeneous.
  3. Make sure to sieve your pureed oats thoroughly, with cheesecloth or any sieve tool you have.
  4. Now it is time to make your coffee. Start by grinding the beans, then prepare it the way you like.
  5. After your coffee is ready and steamy, add the oatmeal milk to it.


In short, vegan drinks do not always have to be boring and plain. With, this vegan coffee Creamer recipe, you can start your day with positive energy and delicious taste.

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